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10 Things To Consider Before Getting A High-End Makeup

Beauty shops or specialized retail stores that deal with makeup products supply a different brand and quality than what you get when you shop for makeup at a drug store. This is a well-known fact, but do you really need to go that extra mile (read putting in extra money for the brand) for getting your makeup right?

Not an easy decision, right? Well, it is not until you arm yourself with some knowledge. Having an insight and a plan (and a list) helps you to make the right decision and save some money too. In this article, we will be talking about the ten things that you should consider before getting a high-end makeup.

  1. Read about what you are about to buy
    Reviews are a great way to get to know the product without having to invest money in it. Buying an untried product is always a gamble unless you know something about it. One of the best way is to check the YouTube reviews.
    Most of the time, you get genuine reviews from lesser-known artists. Having a low number of followers means that they do not most likely upload paid content. There are other sites too if you prefer; in fact, it would be wise to refer to at least a few sources.
  2. Know your needs
    Do not go into a store without knowing what it is that you want. The upside to this is that you would know what it is that you need and not go for products already occupying your table. Concealers, foundations, and eyeshadows all of them can give you a few weeks’ worth of mileage even if you have hit the bottom of the can.
    The point is, save money. Do not binge on products that you already have. If you are looking to try out something new, it is better to wait for your existing stock to run out first. Remember people: the more you save, the more you can buy!
  3. List work great if you let them
    Let’s face it, at some point in time all of us have gone for that impulsive purchase. Walking around in the shop, you come across something that you absolutely have to have! Having a list is a great way to cap that habit.
    Make a list of the things that you need, either on paper or carry it around with you on your phone. Let it be easily accessible. You would know what it is that you need: get two birds with a stone. You get to savor that feeling of shopping and at the same time, you don’t regret what you bought.

  4. From online surfing to offline purchases
    The best thing about online shopping (one of the best things) is that you get to save the items you need to the cart. You can carry along this catalog to the store the next time. That way, when you walk into a store, you can check out the shades and colors better.
    When in doubt, you can sign in into your account and see what the products that you need are. And it is easy to access multiple outlets on the net. You can switch between them as you change stores. Online cosmetic portals have a list of products and features that you can check out.
  5. Getting a second opinion is free, and effective
    Having your best friend, or anyone you trust the judgment of, is really convenient when you are out to buy a high-end cosmetic product. It serves a dual purpose. One, they can assist you when you are in doubt about a particular product and second, the can pull you away from making an impulsive purchase.
    Even if you are alone, it is ok. You can simply send them a picture or get them over a call to get a second opinion. In return, you get an honest answer as to how the product looks on you.
  6. Learn to make the most of samples
    Almost every cosmetic outlet that you are going to visit will provide you with the opportunity to get to try some free samples. Sometimes, they even send out samples at the drop of a mail. All that you have to do is ask!
    Samples are a great way to let yourself gain some experience of the product before you go in for the purchase. It is better that you test the product before making a commitment. So, even if it is a product from an expensive brand, it does not readily mean that it will necessarily go well with your skin. Hence, samples!
  7. Market reps and salesperson
    Most of the time, the mere mention of a salesperson brings to mind the image of a nagging individual. But they can be quite helpful in this scenario. Even if you’ve turned down their help the first time, you can approach them and ask for help.
    These people are well trained in handling customer queries and can give valuable insights. A secret tip to help you out, ask for their personal favorites. Even the person you are talking to would appreciate this conversation and provide you with options.
  8. Don’t wear what you want to buy
    At first, it sounds like a really silly piece of advice. But it really pays off to go without any makeup. Only then can you get to know what it is that you really want.
    Think about it this way, not wearing the product you want to buy will not only allow you to effectively test it but also let you complete your makeup at the shop. A masterstroke when it comes to counter testing products.
  9. Remember to stick to the budget that you have set
    We get it, we really do. But if you have a budget in mind before you step out, you will not regret having splurged a little. Sticking to the budget that you have in mind will not only spare you the guilty feeling but also provide you the happiness of an economical purchase.
    Like everything else in your household, you should also have a budget for makeup, especially high-end makeup. So even if you are lusting after a makeup product, it will not put a dent in your monthly budget. It is one tip that has always helped me to splurge and save at the same time.
  10. Reward yourself
    Reward programs are a great way to make the most of your shopping. From discounted products to freebies, you can get almost everything. Always sign up for any reward-based program that you may come across at your makeup retail.
    If nothing, you get to know the inside scoop on existing and upcoming products. Some brands let you trade in empties for mid-level products. You get something new, at no additional cost!

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