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America’s Top Universities To Learn Film Direction And Production, 2020

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Films are picturization of thoughts. Thoughts can be amazing but if not presented well, it may turn out to be a disaster. Hence, the direction is pretty important for the success of any film. There are ‘n’ numbers of film schools in the world but here, we present before you the world’s top schools for film direction.

  1. School of Communication (SOC) at American University, Washington, D.C., United States
    The American University is the top leading private research university in Washington, D.C. spread over 90 acres of land. The American University School of Communication Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Arts provides you with a professional skillset in not just the film sector but in photography and digital media too. Students get guidance from the expert faculty who are working professionals in film and media. The University has a grand blend of technology and equipment especially in the Media and Production Center that makes it one of the most advanced university-based production facilities in the region. Along with the five foundation courses, students have to take three introductory courses as well which are basically about understanding media, visual literacy, and writing for visual media.

  2. Dodge College of Film and Media Arts – Chapman University, Orange, California, United States
    Students are taught about the historical and critical aspects of film in the university’s Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies course. This 3-unit course primarily emphasizes on research that aids students in the pinnacle of their studies. The major requires students to complete 54 semester hours, which includes 36 credits of core requirements and 18 credits of elective courses. The university’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts offers a bachelor’s degree in film studies. Generally, the film studies cover the film history, film analysis, international cinema, and its role in the society but its specialization includes working in editing, cinematography, sound design, and directing. In the end, the students turn out to be a reviewer, critic, and an archivist. The college features an Integrated Undergraduate degree of M.A. in Film Studies that allows the students to graduate with an M.A. in Film Studies in just five years as opposed to six.

  3. The Art Institutes, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
    The Art Institutes enriches the students with the required skill sets to support and promote their passion for movie production and direction. The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Film and Video Production compels its students to complete 180 quarter credit hours over 12 quarters (typically four years, if no summer quarter classes are taken). Because the digital world is rapidly developing, the program at the Art Institutes is designed to let the students know about it and help them with the new technologies and apply up-to-date knowledge in the field. The students will study the Fundamentals of Audio, Conceptual Storytelling, Lighting for Digital Film, Studio Production, and Media Delivery Systems and Distribution. The experienced faculty lets you follow your passion and put your ideas out to entertain audiences.

  4. Vassar College, New York, United States
    Vassar College is one of the top leading colleges for teaching the students theoretical as well as practical aspects of film and filmmaking. The semester system in this college is a little different than its counterparts. It has a unit system where 32 units of coursework are almost equal to 120 semester hours in other colleges (and at least 10 or 10.5 must be in their major.) In the major, students are supposed to complete a class on world cinema and do a research seminar in film history and theory. Apart from these two classes, students can opt for two other film studies courses at the 200 level or higher, one non-US cinema course at the 200 level or higher, and five film electives.

  5. Taylor University, Upland, Indiana, United States
    Taylor University offers its students a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Production that primarily focuses on visual storytelling with a fundamental understanding of the history, theory, and practice that are the pillars of enthralling filmmaking. This program furnishes students with optimism and diverse opportunities to explore the effortless blend of skills, faith, and work under one roof. Students need to complete at least 128 semester hours for the bachelor’s degree and 51 semester hours for the film and media production major. The courses teach students the use and way to use various tools and how to write narratives in various genres. The University provides a film and media production program that includes classes in information systems and analytics. Its award-winning faculty prepares the students well professionally. They get to work with esteem mentors who feature a majestic list of film festival acceptances and industry recognition.
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