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These Are The Top Colleges To Study Digital Marketing, 2020

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In this era of extreme competition, any entrepreneur will survive only when they reach their prospective customers and the internet has made this task super easy. Unlike traditional door-to-door marketing, now you can reach the world in just a single click. Youth is highly familiar with the latest smartphones and the internet that makes it pretty easy for the entrepreneurs to market. But marketing is not a child’s task; you need to study it thoroughly. Universities throughout the world are offering various courses on digital marketing.

If you too are thinking of pursuing your studies in Digital Marketing, then you can have a look at our compiled list of top colleges that provide the course. It depends upon you to decide which side of digital marketing you are interested in. If you are inclined towards the creative side of digital marketing, you shall opt for the Arts section. If your mind runs analytically, go for the Science section and MBA for more of corporate focus.

So, here are the top colleges/universities that offer digital marketing courses- 

  1. University of Southampton, UK
    The University of Southampton is a research university in Southampton, England. This Business School offers a 1-year MSc Digital Marketing course, one of the rare specialist courses in the UK. This course will not only help you with the latest digital marketing concepts and techniques but also render you real-world exposure with marketing projects and simulated business exercises. Professors here are active researchers in liaison with the University’s Web Science Institute which is yet another world-leading center for interdisciplinary web research.

  2. University College Dublin, Ireland
    University College Dublin is a research university in Dublin, and the second-largest university in Ireland, that homes thousands of academic staff and students. The college features great infrastructure, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and commendable research work and team. This 165 years old college is considered as the most selective institution with an admission rate of 10-20%. It is securely placed under the top 1% of higher education institutions globally.

  3. Brunel University London, England, UK
    Founded in 1966 and located in Uxbridge, West London, Brunel University London is yet another highly recognized public research university for digital marketing courses. The Brunel campus has also been featured in several films and UK television series.

  4. The University of Missouri, US
    Missouri’s largest university, the University of Missouri, is a public research university in the Heart of the United States- Columbia (Missouri). You need to earn the required score in TOEFL or IELTS exam. Apply at least 6 to 12 months before the start of the semester which you wish to enroll in. Provide an official or certified copy of the award letter issued by your sponsor in case you are on a government sponsorship or outside scholarship.

  5. New Jersey Institute of Technology, New Jersey, US
    The students of NJIT have been provided a competitive edge over others by providing them adequate training to promote the more effective practice of the social, cultural, and economic phases of digital media. NJIT has been providing live as well as online classes for over 50 years. The University considers your high school grades in Math, Science, and English with a 3.0 GPA. The average composite SAT score is 1295 (math and critical reading) and the ACT score is 27.

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