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8 Most Expensive Cufflinks Worn by Celebrities

The aura of celebrities gets power from costumes and accessories they wear, and one of the most important personality booster accessories is the cufflinks. It adds amazing value to your suit and enhances the glamour quotient manifold. Your cufflinks could help you make an emphatic statement and add value to your social standing. Wherever you are you cal let your dazzling cufflink make a statement, without even opening your mouth.

Whether you are environmentalist, gay right supporter, or supportive of any cause, your custom-designed cufflink could help you express your solidarity. This tiny piece of accessory gives a royal touch to your aura. When it comes to inspiration, here are some of the finest and most expensive cufflinks ever worn by celebrities globally:

Most Expensive Cufflinks

  1. Emerald-Cut Canary Diamond Octagon from Jacob & Co
    This emerald cut canary diamond octagon cufflink is all-time great with a price tag of $4,195,000. This Jacob & Co. pair of cufflink exudes elegance. Nothing comes even closer to the masterpiece made of 10.76-carat diamond in the center with additional wide facet shard cut diamonds of a total of 21.29 carats. Embellished on 18-carat white gold structures, this four million dollar piece is for those who want to redefine glamour.
  2. Diamond Art Deco Cufflinks from Jacob & Co
    Here is another masterpiece from the house of Jacob & Co. This heritage piece cufflink has two huge white 6.05 carats and 5.90 carats. To make is more royal, the central diamond is encircled by smaller baguette diamonds of a total of 4.52 carts. The fine piece of art comes with a price tag of $601,428 a pair.

  3. Hold Tight Cartier Cufflink of King Edward VIII
    This diamond and sapphire studded cufflink with the legendary royal love story of King Edwards VIII and Wallis Simpson is one of the finest cufflinks present in public life. Designed by Cartier, this $400,000 cufflink is a masterpiece of designing symmetry. Currently, the “Hold Tight” cufflink is in possession of Syrian billionaire Wafic Said.
  4. Double Diamond Basketball Cufflinks from Jacob & Co
    This 22.73-carat white double diamond deserves special attention for its unique design. This head-turner is cufflink comes with a price tag of $162,000 a pair. The central white diamonds are meticulously embedded in yellow gold.
  5. Baguette Diamond Pentagon Cufflinks from Jacob & Co
    This one is another design masterpiece from the bastion of Jacob & Co. The stunning craftsmanship of this cufflink is just awesome. The perfect symmetry of a total of 10-carat diamonds embedded in the pentagon frame of 18 carats white gold makes it a unique cufflink. This Baguette diamond piece comes with a price tag of $114,000 a pair.
  6. Football Cufflinks from Jacob & Co
    In the house of Jacob & Co., you have everything you can imagine to get the exclusive piece of cufflink matching your personality and profession. If you are somehow related to football, here the masterpiece designed exclusively in football shape using 15-carat diamonds. The 18-carat yellow gold trimming with double-sided chain back clasp makes sit fit for the target buyers. The price tag is just $96,000 a pair.

  7. Phoenix by Givenchy
    If you are passionate about weapons then this Phoenix by Givenchy, erstwhile Foundrie 47 of famed AK47 range of cufflinks, is perfect for your glamour quotient. Steels extracted from firearms seized from war-ravaged Africa were used in creating wonderful rose pedestal based cufflinks. This masterpiece has 47 conflict-free diamonds embedded in 18-carat interior gold with the stamp of legendry The House of Givenchy. You can make a strong fashion statement using the cufflink of just $70,000 per pair.
  8. Arfaq Hussain’s V2 Cufflinks
    Double sword base with a golden crown embedded with sapphires and diamonds makes this cufflink one of the best in fine design categories. The 18 carats white and yellow gold cufflink, designed by Arfaq Hussain, is one of the seven such masterpieces ever designed. V2, a part of Pop legend Michael Jackson’s pseudo-military outfit, is one of the most popular cufflinks ever designed. The price tag of $39,000 a pair is pretty reasonable compared to royal pieces.

There several other cufflinks in the expensive $30,000 range for everyone in the celebrity circle. It is you who add value to the valuable piece, wear it with authority to make life-defining statements and be a legend forever. You might meet your destiny, but your diamond-studded cufflink will remain forever.

Aastha Maheshwari
Aastha Maheshwari, travel and lifestyle reporter for CEOWORLD magazine. She covers luxury travel and fashion.
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