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5 Luxury Travel Mistakes You Must Avoid

They say that luxury travel is all about money. But, I think it is more than that. Luxury travel needs thorough consideration and is made even better with smart thinking. Many luxury travellers would agree that we often end up making bad choices in the pursuit of lavish experiences. After having read about and heard from many luxury travellers, I have compiled a list of things people take for granted when planning a luxury vacation. In this article, you will get to know 5 mistakes every person who wishes to have a wholesome luxury travel experience should avoid. Read along, and plan accordingly.

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid:

  1. Not Hiring A Travel Agent
    There is no replacement for a good travel agent because the kind of things he can do for you is comforting and wonderful. Many times, luxury travellers presume that they can get away without a travel agency and plan their itinerary. NO. Luxury travel is about maximising comfort by spending more—and travel agents know how to go about it. Your agent will come to your rescue in case of flight cancellation, room upgrades, late checkouts and what not. If you really want to spend generously, then spend it on a good travel agent. You will thank me later!
  2. Be tempted
    The 21st century is the age of advertisement. One of the ways global tourism has thrived is because of the hefty amount spent on advertisement. While this is a creative way to know what a place is all about, it should not be the sole criterion for deciding a place for travel. There are countries which have become victims of misinformation and false advertisements—and this is especially the case with mainstream tourist destinations such as Dubai. Everything you read—say, about the hotels—may not be true and you should get the facts double-checked. This is where your travel agent—good travel agent—would be of great utility. In simple words, do not believe everything you hear or read about a place. Luxury travel should be done wisely, even if you have loads to fish out.
  3. Not Getting A Specialist
    Your luxury travel may comprise skiing, fishing, hiking, and whatnot. These activities are specific in nature and require speciality. For example, hiking trails you have never been to would require from you extensive knowledge of the terrain and other necessaries. A specialist would be of great use to you and would assist you in your journey by making sure that you are not faced with hardships which could be easily avoided under his supervision. Spending money where you should be is the point of my suggestion for hiring a specialist. Since extra-comfort is a concomitant of luxury travel, a specialist would greatly help you in securing it.
  4. Being too loyal
    Seasoned luxury travellers would tell you not to stick to one brand. We tend to seek comfort in one brand we like and continue with it without undertaking the necessary comparative checks. It is necessary to diversify your choices which will, in turn, help you explore the world of all kinds of amenities you can get. For example, sticking to one luxury hotel is not necessarily a bad idea but it also feels restrictive if you haven’t considered available options of equivalent reputation. The beauty of luxury travel is that we can spend generously and explore generously—and sticking to one brand all the time does not do justice to that notion.
  5. Carrying Your wealth Everywhere
    One of the common mistakes people make, especially those on luxury travel, is carrying their wealth everywhere they go. Once you are out of your city and travelling to an alien place, you are not sure what dangers are lurking around even though you have researched extensively. For example, if you are going to Paris, you should know that the city is quite infamous for pickpocketing, and therefore, it would unwise to carry too much money on you. If you do, make sure you blend in like a local. Do not behave like a tourist and act like you know the place. Also, wearing layers can help you protect your money from thieves.

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