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Business Travelers: Elevate Your Flight Experience With These Luxurious Planes

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Airplanes have enriched the art of traveling for people all around the world. Since the inception of air travel, aircraft have become a symbol of luxury and status. With their first-class service, comfortable journey, and above all, less flying hours, it can be stated that the word “Airplane” is synonymous with “Luxury.” While all is being said about the merits of flying, there are certain planes across the globe that provide you an experience like never before. So without wasting any more time, let us now drop the veil and disclose some of these famous and luxurious planes to travel in.

As already mentioned before, airplanes can be voted as the most convenient, fastest, and safest means of travel all around the world. The superior service, coupled with the flying hours, makes them a suitable option to vouch for in this day and age. From the horde of aircraft connecting one destination to another, we have chosen five most planes for an out of the world travel experience.

  1. Upper-Class cabin and Premium cabin at Virgin Atlantic: It is one of the most luxurious airplanes to travel across the world and thus has claimed the top spot on our list. The plane is crafted to amplify your overall journey and provide you some of the most luxurious seats. The business class travelers are dropped off to the airport by private chauffeured cars, and the upper-class flights have a specially equipped snooze zone in the aircraft with an option of dim lighting. To make your experience even more satisfying, each plane comes with flight internet, leather seats, and power outlets. Now isn’t that a luxurious way to en route towards a destination.

  2. Corporate travel and Qatar Executive at Qatar Airways: Taking the second spot on our list and narrowly missing the top spot is Qatar Airways. The business class of the airline is equipped with all sorts of first-class amenities to suit your travel. From the option of pre-selecting the menu for dining to the airways a la carte onboard menu, there is absolutely no reason to not opt for this enriched travel option. Also, to enhance your quality time, there are flatbed seats along with 19-inch television with over 4000 varieties of options to tune into.

  3. Cathay Pacific Business Plus at Cathay Pacific: Sliding to the third position on our list is Cathay Pacific. The airplane has all the beautiful things hooked onto the first-class cabin, making it a demanded luxury option. While the menu dining consists of both international and Asian dishes, the other amenities are also worth checking. With cotton sheets, noise-canceling headphones, cotton pajamas, it is no less than a 5-star hotel.

  4. Lufthansa Private Jet and Business Class at Lufthansa: <It is one of the premium options for people who love traveling in luxury. The airplane has some of the much demanded and basic amenities that make it regain the 4th spot on our list. All the first-class cabins are complimented by tasty cuisines to satiate the taste buds. The menu ranges from regional to international and is such an excellent option for all food lovers. Apart from that, there is also a complimentary lounge with a shower facility, a nap room, free-flight Wi-fi, and T.v screen with entertainment.

  5. The Emirates Experience, Business Class, and First Class at Emirates: It is nearly impossible for us to close the list without mentioning the name of Emirates. The company which started small has now taken off to greater heights in recent years. A premium face of travel nowadays, once you choose to fly with the airline, you will come to know why it has such a bragged reputation. Taking care of all the needs of its passengers, the company has made cabins noise proof. This means one can enjoy a peaceful nap throughout the journey without any external disturbance. To top it all, the in-flight cuisine and entertainment options are also worth checking out.

Apart from the names above, other honorable mentions do deserve to be on the list. They are Singapore Airlines, Etihad, Air France, Thai Royal, British Airways, and Oman Air. With options such as these, one can easily fall in love with the art of traveling. So next time, make sure that your travel plan must include these stylish options for flying. These luxurious first-class cabins are so comfortable that we bet you will not be satisfied with the economy again.

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