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How Fashion Model And Pro Dancer Can Muhammed Karagoz Got Into Real Estate Investing From Nothing

No one would doubt that achieving success in life is easy. No matter what career you choose for yourself, there is much to be done before you can even begin to achieve your goals. Aside from acquiring the education and skill set necessary to make your mark on the world, it usually takes hours upon hours of hard work and practice before you can climb the ladder to your dreams.

In fact, the challenge has often been so difficult that the struggle has proved elusive for many. Most end up settling for a job they can find rather than a career that they have passion for. That’s why when someone like Can Muhammed Karagoz is able to reach the heights of his own personal success it pays to take notice.

So, if you’re finding yourself bored or dissatisfied with your current employment situation, and you are spending the better part of your day daydreaming about launching your own business doing something that you know you will love, then it might be time to take a closer look at his resume.

His path to entrepreneurship was definitely unconventional. Can started to develop his interests at a very young age. He not only managed to find a career in an area he had great passion for but found ways to parlay that into a thriving business that has opened plenty of doors for him. According to his Can Muhammed Karagoz IMBD page, this Turkish-American took himself from a young boy who loved to dance to becoming a professional model, actor, dancer, and instructor before venturing off into a thriving real estate investing.

His Beginnings

Born in the fall of 1985, he got a pretty rocky start to his life. After the death of his mother at the age of four, he find he had a strong interest in dancing. Not just dancing for fun, but he had a deep passion for it. It was through dancing that Can quickly learned essential qualities that he would find extremely valuable later on in life. He realized that being disciplined and paying close attention to details in whatever he did was something that he could easily apply to the many lucrative business ventures.

Unlike most people who view their primary source of employment as a means of supporting them financially, Can used his innate ability to dance and the disciplines he developed from it to build first a career. He later expanded that career into teaching and making a lasting name for himself. It wasn’t long before his unique teaching style earned him a reputation that he could use to become one of the top dance instructors in the world.

It is important to understand though, that his motives when he first began his dancing career was not to become rich and famous. Yes, as a dancer, he has created his own signature moves; the kind that helped him to claim the attention he needed to take his talents to the next level, but those were never his intended true goals. Freeing yourself from such high expectations allows you to know exactly when to get in and out of an industry without feeling obligated to reach a certain status first.

Balancing His Time

Today, Can wears many hats, all of them compiled into a complete package that helps to generate his many business endeavors. He is most notably known as a professional dancer, runway model, and a real estate entrepreneur. His success is clearly seen in all areas of expertise. However, many of us may wonder how he is able to manage his time wisely when he wears so many different hats.

One way Can has been able to do this is with careful time management, another key element in running your own business. His approach is simple, first only engage in those ventures that you truly have a passion for. That way, you are less likely to procrastinate when serious work needs to be done. Then, set a schedule that you know you can stick to. For Can, February and September of each year is set aside purely for his modeling work. Those are firm dates when he knows he will be walking in major runway shows or fashion magazines. Once those firm dates are set, he fills in the rest of his time with all the other tasks he needs to meet.

As a consummate professional, Can realized early on that the skills he learned in dancing can be applied to every business venture he set out to take on and he has used them as his guide for everything he did.

The Lessons He Learned

First, he learned through observation. He started out with what he knew best, his love for dancing. He took it seriously and learned from watching others and imitating what they did. Later, he became a well-known actor by following the works of Robert DeNiro, Matthew McConaughey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joe Peci, and Richard Gere; actors he admired and respected. He used that skill in observation to follow those who had been successful in their business career and worked to copy their best works when it came to his decision to become a real estate investor.

He also learned not to get stuck in a rut but to add a little variety to his life and show respect to others, especially those who he worked closely with.

Developing all of those skills made it possible for him to create his own investment style and just like his work with the arts, he was able to put his soul into all of his ventures.

Through all of this, he has been recognized repeatedly for his work in every creative venture he took on. He has been recognized eleven times as the “Top Teacher” in dance in North America, Asia, and in Europe. He is one of the most sought after dance instructors and models in many countries.

These basic standards are guidelines that Can developed to make him a successful dancer and actor are the same ones needed to start a new business. With his vast body of knowledge, skills, and finesse, he has set a high benchmark for anyone looking to move out of their current situation and move into a thriving entrepreneurship. So, whether you’re young or old, male or female, creative or analytic, taking a lesson from Can Muhammed Karagoz, can open the door to a multitude of possibilities that go beyond imagination.

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