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The 7 Step INSPIRE Model to Drive Your Company’s Growth

All leaders and CEOs have a mission to serve and improve society through their products and services. We also want to do it in a bigger, grander and more expansive way. The 7 Step INSPIRE model is the roadmap for leaders to drive that growth.

  1. Inner Knowing
    Even when you’re following your passion, embarking on something new can be challenging. There will be lots of external signs telling you to go here, go there, stop turn back or even give up. Often there are well-meaning and loving friends and family, who wanting to protect you may often advise you to play it safe and not follow your dream.
    But the biggest challenge will be learning to trust yourself and following your own inner knowing. Learning to trust your instincts is key, whether things are progressing as planned or it’s a little challenging and not going as intended.
  2. Numbers
    While instincts are key, accounting and finance are a critical foundation for the growth and sustainability of your organization.  Understanding your business and what’s driving the business, will be critical to decision making. Your mission will be the guiding light for your purposed driven focus and having strong financials will fuel the engine to keep the organization moving forward towards its long-term goals.
  3. Superior Customer Service
    Delivering superior customer service will set you apart in the hearts and minds of your customers.  Striving for excellence in this area should be a guiding principle for you because it increases customer loyalty and satisfaction.  When you provide positive experiences for your customers, you create value which will keep customers buying more products, often, and this allows you to continue making innovative products and services.
  4. Product innovation
    In order to drive and sustain growth developing new innovative products is essential.   Having a keen understanding of your market, satisfied and unsatisfied needs, and what’s important to customers will fuel innovation within your organization.   The desire to meet and exceed the wants and needs of your customers will be the impetus for creating that nuisance to capture the attention of your customers, thus, building brand loyalty and product endorsement.
  5. Inner Circle
    While it’s always important to follow your inner guidance, having an inner group of people you trust, and respect is vital. They will give you a unique perspective, support, and insight that’s needed.  It doesn’t mean they will always agree with you. In fact, you don’t want an inner circle who will always agree with everything you suggest. You want an inner circle that is objective, has integrity, wisdom, passion and wants the best for you.
  6. Reward Yourself & Team
    In driving your company’s growth, we always think it’s about hard work.  And yes, hard work is a requirement, but innovation comes from a rested mind and an inspired soul.  Reward yourself with rest and relaxation, as well as, incentives that will keep you and your team motivated and inspired to reach the next level of success.
  7. Efficient Supply Chain Operations
    Having efficient operations is the string the pulls everything together.  It ensures everything flows smoothly, easily and efficiently. Inefficient supply chain operations cost time, money and customers. Operations may not be the glamorous part of your business, but it’s by far one of the most essential drivers to having your business grow and expand into something greater.

In summary, The 7 Step INSPIRE model can be insightful guidance in growing and expanding your company.  But when following this guide or that of others, always refer to step number one, follow your own inner knowing.  That is a guaranteed way of leading to the success you desire.

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Dr. Lisa Williams
Dr. Lisa Williams, CEO at the World of EPI. The World of Entertainment, Publishing and Inspiration (World of EPI) was formed in 2003 with the mission of spreading joy by providing children with dolls that inspire dreams, promote intelligence and build self-esteem. Dr. Lisa Williams is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. She can be found on Linkedin.