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CEO Spotlight: Vinod Gupta, Managing Partner of Everest Group

Vinod Gupta

Vinod Gupta is an Indian-born American businessman, investor, and philanthropist. Moving to the United States with $58 to his name and starting his company with a $100 loan. Overall, Vinod has donated over $50 million to numerous philanthropic endeavors, earning praise by many leaders for his contributions and is currently Managing General Partner of Everest Group.

Could you walk me through a brief description of your current company, Everest Group? Of course.

Everest Group is a single-office consulting firm that performs venture capital, private equity, and business consulting services. Specializing in turning around failing companies, and developing the infrastructure needed for success within fledgling companies, Everest Group operates primarily in the information technology and database technology sector, helping to shape the future of the industry. As the company’s Managing General Partner, I provide mentorship, business analytics, and business planning to effectively regain profitability for overturned ventures, generate funding for start-ups, and help prospective giants grow.

To date, Everest Group has invested in various leading companies, including Facebook, Constant Contact, Netflix, and Yahoo, recognizing the potential of these communication-heavy services from early stages of development. Embracing new applications, the rise of artificial intelligence, and the uncharted territories ahead, Everest Group continues to seek involvement with innovative leaders, spearheading the industry into the future.

As a CEO and busy entrepreneur, how do you remain focused on a daily basis?

Early in my professional endeavors, I had to independently complete all facets of operations for American Business Information, often staying up the entire night to compile lists, communicate with prospective buyers, and purchase materials. As soon as I was able to delegate these tasks, however, I recognized that I was able to focus more time and energy into “bigger picture” tasks that needed to be done to remain offensive, rather than merely defensively attempting to catch up on needed tasks. Soon, the breadth of my business grew, and I was no longer able to single handedly complete all operations of the business independently.

Creating a masterful team of leaders, committed employees, and capable team members was integral in allowing me to remain focused on the tasks that I needed to accomplish on a daily basis, without having to constantly worry about other segments of operations being completed effectively. Through thorough training, concisely explained expectations, and upholding of standards, I was able to place full trust in my teams, and remain focused on the tasks that were reserved for me.

With such great focus on team performance, how do you ensure that employees remain motivated, and committed to the betterment of a company?

In order for employees at all levels to feel valued, inclusion is key. Throughout my professional trajectory, I have found that employees are most likely to proverbially jump on board to a new action or task when they feel properly informed, aware of the big picture, and valued as an integral part of the business. Within many large-scale businesses, it is easy for employees to feel like mere numbers, easily replaceable, or otherwise not valued. Thus, recognizing each individual’s unique contribution to the overall success of large-scale goals is crucial in the quest to maintain a satisfied and productive workforce.

Regularly, I make consciously concerted efforts to include all staff members in brainstorming sessions, regular updates, and check-ins that foster the spirit of partnership, and the importance of working together to achieve the common goal. By encouraging team members to always voice their opinions, provide input, and remain proactively involved in the quest for ongoing success, I try to foster an environment conducive to professional satisfaction, and ongoing loyalty.

In order to create growth and success within a start-up company, what must entrepreneurs and CEO’s actively do? How are you continuously growing Everest Group?

First, avoiding being bogged down with daily operations tasks is integral to effective time management for any entrepreneur. Not only will this lead to additional time that can be spent on actively working on a tangible growth plan, it will allow the rest of the team to learn to excel within their own roles, creating a natural hierarchy and working order, and the ability for staff to effectively function independently, a feat that is necessary to sufficiently support ongoing growth.

At Everest Group, we are in a uniquely positioned capacity to take on promising new investments regularly, and are always looking to engage in business with companies we believe to show great growth potential. However, in order to maintain success, we are specifically choosy in our approach to investment, ensuring that our partners will be a good fit across the board. In the swiftly evolving realm of information and database technology, we actively look for innovators, and disruptors of the status quo.

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