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4 Reasons Why Micro Content Must Be a Part Of Your eLearning Strategy


Whether you are an educator or a company’s human resource management professional, you’d know how eLearning is changing the idea of training and learning. Over the past 20 years, the overall growth of eLearning as an industry has been a whopping 900%. And that is big.

But is that all?

Well, the fast-changing mode of learning, training, and development is evolving at a rate of knots, resulting in a number of new sub-methods of learning.

Micro-content is such a sub-method that’s super crucial. And why’s that? Well, let’s find out for the following reasons.

  1. Works Great For a Quick Learning Session
    Many times, your learners may not be able to attend an hour-long session as they may be on the go or busy elsewhere.
    But every learning session counts and must be attended, right?
    That’s where micro-content comes into play.  By creating short (5 minutes) videos, or blog posts or revision quizzes (if and when applicable) you can make sure that your learners can acquire the highlights of your lessons, even if they aren’t able to attend the whole thing on a busy day. This will help your learners ensure that they don’t have to overly-extend the course duration. So, work around it and try to create micro-content for your lessons whenever feasible.


  2. Perfect For Training Content That Changes Frequently
    You would know how true this is for your training modules, but in many industries, the course content keeps changing frequently. For example, you might have shared something last month, and it may now have been upgraded or changed otherwise into something else. Micro-content is one of the finest ways of catching up in such cases. Basically, if the changes are minor and frequent, you can create short blog posts and even repurpose them into videos that your learners can use to make themselves aware of the changes.
  3. High Value At A Low Cost
    Creating humongous eLearning courses can often get a little too costly. And then if you try to develop such courses for several smaller topics, a lot of money will flow out. This is why a micro-learning solution can be your best bet in such cases. These pieces require less time and a smaller amount of money to create. Plus, they do the job just as well, and sometimes even better as micro-learning actively follows the one concept at a time approach. So, think about it. Micro-content can help you save a great deal of money.


  4. Micro-content Is More Convenient To Distribute
    While distributing an ordinary eLearning course requires vast web spaces and bandwidths to upload, store and process, Micro-content pushes hassle out of the window. As you’ll be creating short videos, blog posts and maybe infographics or other comparatively smaller (in size) content pieces, distribution will become easy via the cloud and a number of different means. So, away from hassle. Away from the inconvenience. A great money saver and one useful content form that connects trainers and learners instantly. Totally worth the time and effort.
    Also, if you require even better results, micro-content providers can add even more value to your content development efforts!

Micro content is one of the most effective and efficient learning methods in the world of eLearning. But as there aren’t many words around it, many trainers don’t know much about its applications. With this post, we tried to help them. Here you read about four reasons why micro-content is essential for your eLearning strategy.

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