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Top Footwear Styles for Broad Feet People

If you have wide feet and you are looking for a quality pair of shoes, then you might face the challenge of scarcity of options. This becomes more painful if you are looking for something trendy without compromising comfort. It is your feet that give you the mobility and any discomfort caused by ill-fitting shoes could impact your body-weight balance and thus your mobility. We give topmost priority to comfort and focus on size and style, but overlook the foot width aspect while buying quality shoes. If you are not counting foot width while deciding shoes, then you are inviting the podiatric problems.

Wearing tight-fitting shoes has serious long-term implications, like inflammation, pain, change in natural walk pattern, and stride imbalance. Shoes for women come in C, D, E, EE, EEE sizes depending on foot width, but unfortunately not all brands highlight and offer such ranges. Here are some of the best shoes for wide feet to meet your width, style, and comfort needs:

Best Shoes for Wide Feet: It is not just discomfort, wearing tight or narrow footwear could lead to problems like bunions, calluses, crossover toe, and hammertoe.  To help buy a quality shoe of the right width, here is the list of some very popular shoes for wide feet:

  1. Trigenic Clara from Clarks
    This lightest shoe range is perfect for people with wide feet. It is available the standard D and wide E fit, so choose as you wish and spend a long day out without the rubbing and overheating. The smart design of soles with three cuts makes Clara Trigenic range a perfect shoe for all types of surfaces and terrains. The ultra-soft leather fits well in your feet. You have five different shades to select, including the poplar pale pink.
  2. Cute Heels from Clarks
    This one is another great wide feet shoe from Clarks, known for comfort and fit. Made of perforated leather, Reedly Salene is a perfect blend of cute wedge and comfort. The rubber sole with Ortholite footbed makes it ultra-comfortable.

  3. Go Walk Skechers
    This one is all-time great for people with wide feet, especially if you are an avid walker. The ultra-comfortable slip-in Go Walk sneakers from Skechers are available in all sizes for all age groups. The lightweight design with cushioned soles and the Goga Max high rebound footbed makes it is a great shoe for long walkers. It supports your foot arch, and the best part is that it is very easy to clean.
  4. Vionic Wide Feet Sandals
    If you are looking for something more open and airy, then Vionic is a great option to buy a quality pair of sandals. The Rest Kirra Backstrap sandals are great to support your feet and provide optimum comfort for long walks. You won’t have to worry about maintenance; it is really ultra-cool for travelers.
  5. Classic Clog from Crocs
    List all parameters namely design, style, comfort, range, vibrancy, and weight and Crocs meet all the parameters. The spacious, comfortable, and ultra-lightweight footwear is perfect for people with wide feet. This highly durable product with ventilation holes deserves your attention.

  6. World Tour Classic from Rockport
    With Rockport, you won’t have to think about quality. The shoe powerhouse redesigned the classic to create the World Tour Classic for peoples with wide feet. This all-purpose shoe goes well with all occasions as you have a variety of color options to choose from. This leather shoe with padded collar offers you the comfort of inner lining and support of wide-base gum rubber soles.

  7. Revdusk Oxford from Dunham
    If you are looking for the right combination of style and sophistication in your shoes, then Revdusk Oxford from Dunham is the answer. This ultra-casual pair is made of strong leather is lightweight and durable. Available in muted colors, you have a wide range of size and shape options to match your wide feet requirements.

Having wide feet isn’t an issue, but you need to pay some attention to the width aspect while buying a quality pair of shoes. Hope this list will help you select some of the finest shoes for all occasions. If not, you can explore SAS, Propet, Ecco, Birkenstocks, SoftWalk and of course the Heavenly Soles to get some more options.

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