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Top YouTube Channels For Toddlers and Preschoolers

Toddlers and Preschoolers

When we were kids, the only interesting source of learning something visually used to be the television but now everything has entered into your mobile phone. The world of the internet is filled with ‘n’ numbers of videos, apps, and channels to help you in making your toddler interestingly learn even basic things. To the best of our knowledge, we have compiled a list of best educational YouTube channels, which can turn out to be useful for you-

  1. Genevieve’s Playhouse.
    Genevieve’s Playhouse is really a playhouse for your toddlers where they use toy-based learning to create all of their videos due to the fact that interesting things with vibrant colors leave a bigger impression on our minds, especially kids. They have picked up characters from popular TV shows, like Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol while making videos on counting numbers, storytelling, and even basic words. As of now, their videos are available in English, Hindi, Vietnamese, and Spanish.
  2. Kids TV- Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs.
    As the name exhibits, this channel features numerous nursery rhymes and kids’ songs. This app is pretty useful in developing your kid’s listening as well as reading skills as the songs come up with lyrics. This renders your kid a fun learning and a remarkable educational experience with colors, shapes, alphabets, numbers, animals and much more. Additionally, it also features popular kids’ shows. Bob the Train, Little Eddie, Junior Squad, Baby Bao Panda are just to make a few.
  3. Blippi.
    This is yet another YouTube channel for kids to make them learn numbers, colors, alphabets, etc. but the striking feature here is that it ties in things children love, like, tractors, planes, backhoes, trains, construction equipment, boats, animals, and many more. The person in the video visits different places to make the learning effective, like a bakery for healthy eating habits, farm tour for farm animals, fruits and vegetables, an aquarium for aquatic animals, etc.
  4. Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes.
    This is one of the oldest kids’ channels on YouTube, posting videos consistently since 2006.  Now you must be wondering, what’s different in this channel? So, here is the answer. Its 3D animation and euphonic music catch kids’ attention and give them such an experience that they can’t easily forget. Their videos will make your kid laugh, sing, and dance while enjoying with the familiar characters and fun stories. In fact, you too enjoy and relive your childhood :).


  5. ChildrenNurseryRhymes.
    Now, this is something unique. This channel also helps children learn about basic items that other channels do but it does in the form of songs. This app has songs for different situations/items. For example, a video on ice-cream tells us about its different colors and products used in manufacturing it, breakfast song tells us about the items to be picked for breakfast, playground song tells about the various swings and fun, and its fruits song will explain the name, description, and benefits of various fruits. Isn’t it amazing??
  6. Little Baby Bum- Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs.
    This app also uses 3D animations in order to provide you the best nursery rhyme videos.  Apart from the basic learning about various items, body parts, etc., it also teaches etiquettes like, Saying Sorry, Bed etiquettes, and much more. You’ll be getting a new video every Wednesday, as they post on a weekly basis and a compiled video every Friday.
  7. MagicBox English.
    This is yet another wholesome package for grooming your child’s brain. If its Baby Animals song lets your kid know about the animal names, then Heavy Vehicle song will give your kid a piece of information about heavy vehicles and Job and Career song will tell you about various careers and professions. It also posts the compiled videos of festivals like Christmas which babies merrily watch.

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