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Top MBA Institutes In The Western United States For Women

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A lot of international students prefer to study in the western United States because of high career options, excellent living conditions and greater scope for relocation. Moreover, tech giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook are located on the western side of the USA in Silicon Valley. This naturally offers the region an extra edge over the other regions of the USA. It is also considered to be a safe region for women to study and hence, we bring the list of top MBA institutes in western America suitable for women students:

  1. Portland State University, Oregon: Located in the sublime location of Oregon, Portland state university encourages women intake and also gives excellent placement facilities for the MBA enrolled students. The international student ratio in this university is quite impressive which enables the students to interact with people from various cultural backgrounds.

  2. San Diego State University, Fowler’s School of Business: This beautiful seaside location is a great place to have campus studies and pursue an MBA. The acceptance rate here is 55% which is encouraging for global students to apply. The average work experience of students who enroll for an MBA here is 4.5 years which brings a good mix of working professionals as students.

  3. San Francisco State University- College of Business: With a tough acceptance rate of 29%, getting into San Francisco State University might be challenging but it is worth it. The average age of students in the MBA class here is 27 which brings young and enthusiastic minds together in coursework. It is also located in the heart of the technological city which gives a good edge for career prospects.

  4. Santa Clara University, Leavey School of Business: The brilliant b-school offers great facilities for women students along with some interesting placement options. The courses are taught by experienced faculty offering focus on real-time learning and practical approach.

  5. University of California, Berkeley: This historic university is known for offering great MBA options for women students. With tough acceptance rates and great placement services, UCB is the dreamiest B-school to study! Enjoy the fruits of management’s hands-on experience while pursuing the degree here!

  6. University of California, Santa Barbara: With great acceptance rate and competitive faculty, the University of California is a brilliant place to study MBA. Located in the prime tech area Santa Barbara, the MBA degree here is essentially focused on real-time learning and practical ideologies. The coursework is also quite interactive and impressive for the fresher student along with a working professional alike.

  7. University of Colorado, Boulder: The majestic university offers great MBA facilities for women students of the global arena. The amazing curriculum with a lot of impressive international student intake is the biggest attractive factor of this university. The campus has great infrastructure which suits the likings of an international woman student who is ambitious and wanting to make a big name in management and leadership.

  8. Claremont McKenna College: The brilliant B-school is known for producing great management leaders who are having ample hands-on experience about real-time business challenges even before getting into employment. The B-school has also got good ratings all over the world and with great faculty, it is a fantastic place to be!

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