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Expert Style Makeover Tips for the Simple Woman to Girl boss


Being a girl boss has become the trend of today’s world which commands dignity, style, and tremendous success path. A woman who runs a business is like a powerhouse who needs to command her team to get things done. She is a go-getter to achieve the ideas she has in mind. Obviously, for such stature of profession, an appearance makeover becomes mandatory. But for a simple and plain-looking woman, the idea of a style makeover might become overwhelming. Here are some expert style makeover tips for the simple woman to transform into a perfect girl boss! After all, our appearance boosts our positive mind and lays out a success path:

  1. Invest in a Quality Blazer: A blazer is a must-have piece of clothing in the wardrobe if you would want to become a girl boss. You can either team it with classy formal trousers or on a pencil skirt. Invest in a stylish blazer in solid or pinstripe pattern and prefer colors like beige, black or oxford blue.

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  2. Check Your Trousers: Finding the right fit trouser for your body type is quite crucial to style and outfit. The ideal fit should be a tradeoff between style and comfort. If you are not comfortable wearing ultra-skinny fits all-day, choose a comfortable fit always. A right trouser fit from a brand that ticks you is quite important.


  3. Do not Ignore Makeup: We all might look breathtakingly beautiful without any makeup. However, during formal occasions and being a girl boss, minimal makeup will enhance your look for good. It brings a good impression to the people around you that you take your work seriously and value yourself highly. If you are not much into makeup, you should make sure to use a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer to keep skin healthy. Always use a lip balm and keep your nails clean.

  4. Say Yes to Pencil Skirt: This piece of clothing can never go out of fashion or makes you look sleazy. Pencil skirts are a great style outfits when paired with the right blouse and stylish heels. However, do not go for extravagant or floral patterns for pencil skirts. The best choice for pencil skirts is black or gray which matches with a number of attractive colored blouses.

  5. Accessorize Smartly: Investing in a well-functioning and classy watch is the first step in becoming a girl boss. Use minimal jewelry which does not become a burden for you during the work-day. A simple gold chain with a sleek pendant can go well with every outfit and matches for all body types.

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  6. Choose your Footwear: Make sure that you have footwear that is comfortable for your soles but doesn’t get carried away with comfort all the time. Your tradeoff should be between style, poise, and comfort. There is every right for the girlboss to feel pampered with glamorous footwear which also commands style and accentuates the outfit. Select such material of footwear which is soft and feels good over the foot.

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