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Best Forest Camping Destinations around the World

Did you ever imagine watching the star-studded sky in the nights on a campfire backdrop in the forest? Visualize just a tent to live by with a minimalistic view of life and still embrace peace and tranquility. It is indeed a once in a lifetime experience to be part of a forest camp whether you travel solo or with family. Living with minimal needs with adventure-filled atmosphere sure will offer much adrenaline rush. Catching up with the presence of wildlife, the rustle of leaves, and a magical environment cannot be missed for sure. We bring you the list of best forest camping destinations around the world which would make your travel memories more beautiful:

  1. Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand: Catch up with New Zealand’s pristine landscapes at the country’s highest mountain peak and the the entire surrounding rugged region which is South Island’s finest outdoor playground. The views from these campgrounds are completely stunning.
  2. Devon, England: This pristine location is almost a million miles away from the urbane UK located at the southwest of England. Dartmoor and Exmoor are fantastic campsites to put in a tent along with the beautiful cliffs which sweep down the Atlantic on the north Devon coast. During autumn, one can witness the huge red sun set slowly over the horizon.

  3. Loch Lomond and Trossachs, Scotland: This country is widely known for breathtaking highlands, Trossachs are called the miniature highlands. The romantic landscapes also have bustling caravan parks and remote wild camping spots.
  4. The Alps, France: What more brilliant camping experience can be other than in the heart of snow-capped Alps? When the spring arrives, a lot of hikers and campers all over the world storm into this place. Experience the fresh alpine air, and quaint villages which are etched near the foothills. The glittering night sky in the midst of snowcapped mountains is indeed a postcard visual.

    Friends camping in the forest

  5. Hossa National Park, Finland: This newest park in Finland in the southwest side of the country. A rugged landscape of rivers, lakes and old-time forests. It is a great place for wild campers which also provides rustic cabins. The added perk is, all these locations have campfire facilities!
  6. Skane, Sweden: The long bright summers pass delightfully slow in this southernmost part of Sweden. The countryside backs the coastline and one can camp near the beaches as well. Wild camping is part of the culture in this country.

    Friends camping in the forest

  7. Zion National Park, Utah, USA: With red sandstone cliffs, rugged plateaus and forested canyons, Zion is one of the most spectacular camping spots in the USA. This place is incredibly safe to camp and also has wilder locations to check out in the interiors.
  8. Vancouver Island, British Columbia: Pacific Rim National Park and West Coast Trial are perfect places for camping. For wildlife lovers, this place is heaven with the occasional sighting of otters, brant geese, and orcas on the shore.
  9. Patagonia, Argentina, and Chile: South America is known for its wilderness and camping here surely brings great experience. Wide-open skies, snowcapped mountains, and outdoor exploration is an additional advantage.

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