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Amazing Fashion Tips From Successful Business Leaders

Larry Ellison

Successful business leaders of some of the world’s top-performing companies not only give inspiration for youngsters to take up business and overcome challenges but also in terms of dressing and style. Their choice of colors, outfits, and persona in public appearances are quite a trendsetter.

Whether it is a formal occasion or a glitzy night club party, these business leaders never made a mistake in looking at their best. Here are some of the hottest fashion tips from business leaders – who are ruling the world with their aura:

  1. Embrace Turtlenecks and Tweeds: For the formal businessman, he doesn’t need to wear boring blazers with a typical tailored look. Larry Ellison, the departing CEO of Oracle corporation follows this look religiously to give a lasting effect. While for the formal look he chooses turtlenecks, for the casual look he switches to V-neck shirts. Larry’s son David recently launched a men’s clothing line as well!

    Larry Ellison

  2. Churn out Checks: The CEO of Walt Disney Company Bob Iger chooses checked shirts inside the blazers to give an appealing look. The usual convention is to wear a plain solid colored shirt for the blazer but Bob thinks otherwise. No wonder why Disney challenges people’s imagination with their amazing films!
  3. Pay Attention to Fits: It is important to choose the right fit for your body type instead of blindly following the herd. Ralph Lauren, the founder of the hottest global fashion brand, pays utmost attention to tailored fits. He doesn’t hesitate to invest a bit more for tailoring fits for his blazers- as it comes a long way and brings an impeccable look.
  4. Fashion is an Art: The CEO of Yahoo! Inc, Marissa Mayer thinks that fashion is a subtle art, and her pieces include form-fitting jacket, mid-length A-Line skirt which falls just above the knee. She loves to embrace vibrant colors to add an interesting element to the outfit. It is not surprising to know that she takes the front seat in the Fashion Week events!
  5. Break the Convention: Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey feels that it is important to believe that convention should be broken. He chooses trim suit cuts but doesn’t top it up with a tie. He also chooses a reverse collar shirt by Dior Homme. He doesn’t choose designer wear all the time and as a younger man, he used to sport spikey hair like a punk artist!
  6. It is OK to be Casual: It is not about drawing attention all the time with outfits. Sometimes, the real trend can be created by being low profile and be super casual. Jamie Damon, the CEO of JP Morgan wears American-cut suits that look super casual and can be noticed unless the viewer pays much attention.
  7. Try Boldness in Outfit: Indra Nooyi, former CEO of the world’s famous soft drink company Pepsico wears black accented with jewel-toned blazers to give a shining look. She also feels that it is not required to be too traditional all the time as a businesswoman, and she never chose saree as her look despite hailing from India. Indra Nooyi feels that such traditional wear is quite distracting for workplaces.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Amazing Fashion Tips From Successful Business Leaders
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Emma London

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