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The Best Hotels In Oxford (England) For Business Travelers, 2020

Oxford (England)

Oxford derives its name from the oldest university in the English-speaking world, the University of Oxford. Naturally, it holds immense importance in terms of education and scholarship but that is not the only thing Oxford is all about. It is home to many styles of English architecture, from the old to the new and has seen considerable growth in its industries. Overall, it is a city with a long history, distinguished culture, and a thriving economy.

It is unavoidable to visit Oxford when visiting the United Kingdom because it is such a scenic treat to behold. As a result of its formidable reputation, the hotel industry booms and draws a lot of revenue from the rising tourist numbers every year. You should consider indulging in the hospitality of Oxford by staying in any of the well-performing accommodation facilities out here. Most of them reek of the old world mixed up with the new, but that is something you cannot separate from contemporary Oxford.

Let us see what we have here.

  1. The Old Bank
    Address: 92-94 High St, Oxford OX1 4BJ, United Kingdom
    Nestled in a neighbourhood famous for being an educational centre, The Old Bank is quite a good option if you want to have a closer look at this university city. All the 42 rooms here provide outside views, quiet atmosphere, high-end furnishings and gorgeous bathrooms. The Quod brasserie is the place to head to when your tummy needs attention. But, it is advised that you check out the neighbourhood for more diverse dining options. There is also an efficient laundry service.
  2. The Head of the River
    Address: Folly Bridge, St Aldate’s, Oxford OX1 4LB, United Kingdom
    The Head of the River is a riverside property, with many colleges in the vicinity. The property is not a sprawling one but whatever options it throws at you are brilliant. There are 20 rooms each featuring trendy interiors, outside views, comfortable beddings and stunning bathrooms equipped with toiletries. Since this place is a popular pub, you can expect to indulge your senses in some of the finest drinks out here. But, food is as good as the drinks, and there are many mouth-watering options to savour such as scrumptious pork belly and fish and chips.
  3. The Galaxie
    Address: 180 Banbury Rd, Oxford OX2 7BT, United Kingdom
    With a decent location and attractive modern interiors, your beginning at this guesthouse itself will lift up your spirits. Being a Victorian building, you should expect the bedrooms to be brimming with similar inspirations. So far as in-room services are concerned, your deal covers toiletries, smart bathrooms, big beds, and kitchenettes (in some rooms). While there are no dining facilities within the premises, you can head out to explore the nearby eateries which are quite good. Breakfast here is good and fulfilling.
  4. The Osney Arms
    Address: 45 Botley Rd, Oxford OX2 0BP, United Kingdom
    When you search for an accommodation facility, you seek location, appealing atmosphere and diverse in-house facilities. The Osney Arms has all of these. The location is right along the main routes of the city; the style is Victorian but improved with modern touches; the facilities are many and brilliant. There are 10 rooms that do not try hard to stand out and are very pleasant to the eye. They are equipped with fireplaces, classic furniture, sleek bathrooms, television, hairdryer and a kettle. A dining room is there with a capacity of 10 guests and without many food options. Thus, explore the neighbourhood, which is superb in terms of food, to satisfy culinary desires.
  5. Hawkwell House Hotel
    Address: Church Way, Iffley village, Oxford OX4 4DZ, United Kingdom
    Hawkwell House Hotel is known for its quiet setting and is a perfect fit for those who are easily bothered by city noise. There are 77 rooms to be found in 2 buildings. Each of these rooms is spacious, well-ventilated, and equipped with all basic necessaries such as television and toiletries. The furniture is contemporary and linen is plush. When hungry, head to the lounge bar or the in-house restaurant. The menus are seasonal, and the options are healthy and downright tasty. In case you are vegetarian, there are many likeable options served.
  6. The Porterhouse Grill & Rooms
    Address: 68-69 Mill St, Oxford OX2 0AL, United Kingdom
    The Porterhouse Grill & Rooms can be found in a peaceful residential street and is quite liked for its calming atmosphere and exemplary services. All the rooms are decked out in deep grey and brass light fittings. Whichever you room you choose, you will get space and furnishings such as desks and large windows. When it comes to breakfast, it is a dream-come-true for meat lovers and must not be missed. There are options available for vegetarians too such as the availability of a vegetarian grill.
  7. Old Parsonage Hotel
    Address: 1-3 Banbury Rd, Oxford OX2 6NN, United Kingdom
    The only downside about this hotel is its size, but everything else is exceptional and will leave you with tons of good memories. Recently renovated, the place houses 35 rooms improved with better bathrooms which have been equipped with excellent toiletries, comfortable beddings, and elegant room design. There is a good in-house dining facility that does not experiment much with the menu and promises to offer you quality. In addition, there is a bar and laundry facility to take note of. Also, if you need any help, seek assistance from the wonderful staff which maintains this property.
  8. The Tower House
    Address: 12 Western Rd, Oxford OX1 4FA, UK
    The building dates back to the 16th century but its proprietor has renovated it to effortlessly embody contemporary luxuries for a satisfying stay. While there are not many in-house facilities, there is much to explore in the neighbourhood which compensates for any lack of things you might experience. It runs a partner restaurant called Turl Street Kitchen just outside the facility and serves healthy options, including many wonderful vegan options. Before I forget, the rooms are ultra-comfortable yet simple. They are equipped with small and accommodating bathrooms and all basic amenities.
  9. YHA Oxford
    Address: 2A Botley Rd, Oxford OX2 0AB, United Kingdom
    The three main selling points of YHA Oxford are location, dining options, and snuggly rooms. It is located only 10 minutes away from the central city, connecting you to major tourist attractions. The food has been positively received, especially breakfast which is English in taste. Lunch and dinner feature local and Mediterranean inspirations and are delicious to the very last bite. A lounge has been maintained here where there is a pool table, a self-catering kitchen and a library.
  10. McDonald Randolph Hotel
    Address: Beaumont St, Oxford OX1 2LN, United Kingdom
    The first thing to draw your attention is the gothic façade of this property, but as you explore more of it, you will know that opulence permeates deep here. Lavishness extends to your rooms which are equipped with sleek bathrooms, coffee makers, comfortable beddings, and pleasant colour schemes. The Acanthus Restaurant is a fine dining facility, though you should check out nearby restaurants considering you are in the centre of Oxford. There is a club lounge but only those staying in feature rooms and suites have access to it. There are a couple of function spaces for conducting business meetings and a ballroom for big parties of all kinds.

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