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Europe’s top 20 most expensive cities for expatriates in 2019

Zurich Switzerland

Zurich and Geneva are the first and second most expensive cities in Europe for expatriates, according to the latest cost of living report by ECA. Meanwhile, the cost of living in Basel ranks third in Europe, followed by Bern, Oslo, Stavanger, and Copenhagen. Switzerland continues to have the highest cost of living in Europe with four locations in the top ten.

Helsinki is the eighth-most expensive location in Europe for expat workers to live, and the 13th most expensive in the world. Apart from Swiss cities that continue to dominate the top ten, most European cities have fallen in the rankings since last year.

The latest cost-of-living survey table, which assessed the cost of living in cities for non-local employees based on a basket of consumer goods and services such as groceries, clothing and leisure activities. However, house rents, cars, and school fees are not included in calculations as they are usually paid for by employers. This means they are unrelated to expats’ spending power.

Europe’s top 20 most expensive cities for expatriates

  1. Zurich, Switzerland
  2. Geneva, Switzerland
  3. Basel, Switzerland
  4. Bern, Switzerland
  5. Oslo, Norway
  6. Stavanger, Norway
  7. Copenhagen, Denmark
  8. Helsinki, Finland
  9. Stockholm, Sweden
  10. Paris, France
  11. Gothenburg, Sweden
  12. Brussels, Belgium
  13. Dublin, Ireland
  14. Vienna, Austria
  15. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  16. Antwerp, Belgium
  17. Strasbourg, France
  18. Hague, Netherlands
  19. Lyon, France
  20. Rotterdam, Netherlands

Europe's top 10 most expensive cities for expatriates

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