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Tips That Will Help You Keep Your Data Safe from Cybercriminals

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Cytelligence Technology has become the center of our lives. We pay for our bills through smartphones, access your student information, and so many other things. As the internet of things takes over, cyberspace is becoming less secure. Data is valuable, no matter how small it may be. It is what businesses need for continuity. You, therefore, need to keep it secure.

Here are tips that will help you keep your data safe at all times.

Change your passwords regularly

Passwords are a must-have. We have them on our phones, emails and so on. However, note that they are only useful if used the right way. Using the same password for several years puts your data at risk. Using obvious and the same passwords across multiple platforms may seem convenient, but it does more harm than good.

For your passwords to be effective, you need to use strong ones. Also, make a point of changing them regularly. This will deny attackers the opportunity to infiltrate your data.

Encourage your employees to avoid public Wi-Fi

Training and educating your employees is a necessary step to take towards data protection. You can work with security firms like Cytelligence to help your employees understand the cyber threats organizations face, and how to combat them. Public Wi-Fi is something you need to pay attention to.

There are many reasons why you should stop using public Wi-Fi, and go for alternatives such as VPNs. One of the reasons why public wireless networks are not safe is that they are susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks. Also, you are likely to be redirected to a cloned site, which might expose your data to malware. Some of the public networks are fake and avenues for attackers to access your information.

Ensure that your digital business assets are tagged with anti-theft devices

One of the ways cybercriminals can gain access to your network is by stealing your devices. You never know when your employees’ devices will land in the hands of thieves. In such occurrences, your business data will get exposed. Tagging them with tracking devices will help you recover your devices before any harm is done.

Also, help your employees understand the importance of keeping their device safe. If you can control this, you can control attackers’ access to your information as well.

Do regular software updates

The beauty of technology is that it keeps improving every day. You can always automate your software updates. Software updates help you patch up security holes that you may not have been aware of. Replacing old features with new ones enables you to get rid of bugs that can help attackers access your data.

Software updates are more important than you thought.

Back-up your data

Some malware such as ransomware can cripple your business operations. Cybercriminals using ransomware withhold essential data from you, until you pay a certain fee. To prevent such events from getting in the way of business, do regular backups.

With extra copies of data stored off-site and in the cloud, the business will go on as usual. You will not have to pay the criminals for you to use your data.

Sandbox your programs

Creating a virtual environment for your programs will go a long way in ensuring that malware does not get into your network. An email sandbox, for instance, detonates your emails and weeds out attachments that contain malicious software before allowing the emails into your inbox.

With this virtual environment, you stay ahead of the attackers by regularly testing your programs to eliminate vulnerabilities.

Keeping your data safe from cybercriminals is not an easy job. However, it is very achievable. Changing your passwords regularly ensures that attackers do not have a chance with a way to your information. Ensure all the programs and applications you are using are up to date to eliminate loopholes that can make access to your data easy.

Incase attacks are successful, having a plan b will protect your business from going on a standstill. Backing up your data is vital. The tips provided above will not only help keep your data and business secure but also provide you with solutions when the worst happens.

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