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Lisbon Portugal
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These are Europe’s best – and worst – cities for expats

Out of 82 evaluated cities, Lisbon was named the No. 1 city in Europe for expat workers to live and work, according to the annual ranking. Thirty-nine out of the eighty-two best cities for foreign inhabitants are located in the region.

Second position in Europe belongs to Spain’s Barcelona, followed by Zug, Switzerland; Hague in the Netherlands; Switzerland’s Basel; and Aachen in Germany. The researchers focused on factors such as quality of life, ease of getting settled, work-life balance, finance and housing, and cost of living.

It appears that Rome, Italy; Milan, Italy; Paris, France; Dublin, Ireland; Istanbul, Turkey; London in the United Kingdom are Europe’s worst cities for expats.

Top European cities to move to as an expat

  1. Lisbon, Portugal (6)
  2. Barcelona, Spain (7)
  3. Zug, Switzerland (8)
  4. The Hague, Netherlands (9)
  5. Basel, Switzerland (10)
  6. Aachen, Germany (11)
  7. Prague, Czech Republic (13)

    Prague, Czech Republic

  8. Madrid, Spain (16)
  9. Budapest, Hungary 18()
  10. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg (22)
  11. Vienna Austria, (23)
  12. Tallinn, Estonia (24)
  13. Brussels, Belgium (30)

    Brussels Belgium

  14. Dusseldorf, Germany (31)
  15. Rotterdam, Netherlands (32)
  16. Lausanne, Switzerland (36)
  17. Bern, Switzerland (38)
  18. Zurich, Switzerland (41)
  19. Hamburg, Germany (42)
  20. Oslo, Norway (46)
  21. Helsinki, Finland (47)
  22. Amsterdam, Netherlands (48)

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

  23. Frankfurt, Germany (49)
  24. Cologne, Germany (50)
  25. Munich, Germany (51)
  26. Lugano, Switzerland (53)
  27. Moscow, Russia (54)
  28. Warsaw, Poland (57)
  29. Berlin, Germany (61)
  30. Stockholm, Sweden (66)
  31. Copenhagen, Denmark (67)

    The Acropolis, Athens, Greece

  32. Athens, Greece (68)
  33. Geneva, Switzerland (69)
  34. London, UK (70)
  35. Istanbul, Turkey (71)
  36. Dublin, Ireland (72)
  37. Paris, France (78)
  38. Milan, Italy (80)
  39. Rome, Italy (81)

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