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Ranked: Which American city is home to the most billionaires?

New York

With 105 billionaire residents, New York is home to more billionaires than any other city in the world, followed by Hong Kong and San Francisco, according to a new Wealth-X report. New York is also the only city in the world with more than 100 billionaires.

Hong Kong takes second place on the list with 87 billionaires. The San Francisco Bay area in the US – which includes Silicon Valley – is in third place with 75 billionaires.

Moscow came in fourth place with 70 billionaires. In fifth place is London in the United Kingdom with 65 billionaires. The most affluent suburbs in London include Kensington and Chelsea; Westminster; Wandsworth, Camden; Hammersmith and Fulham; and Richmond-upon-Thames. Billionaires are increasingly found in a cluster of cities, a new report reveals. Nearly 30 percent of the world’s billionaire population is concentrated in just 15 cities.

Top 15 cities with most billionaires

  1. New York, US: 105 billionaires
  2. Hong Kong: 87 billionaires
  3. San Francisco, US: 75 billionaires
  4. Moscow, Russia: 70 billionaires
  5. London, UK: 65 billionaires
  6. Beijing, China: 55 billionaires
  7. Singapore: 39 billionaires
  8. Los Angeles, US: 39 billionaires
  9. Dubai, UAE: 38 billionaires
  10. Mumbai, India: 38 billionaires
  11. Shenzhen, China: 37 billionaires
  12. São Paulo, Brazil: 33 billionaires
  13. Istanbul, Turkey: 32 billionaires
  14. Hangzhou, China: 31 billionaires
  15. Tokyo, Japan: 29 billionaires

Top 10 cities with most billionaires

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