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Jeff Bezos is likely to end the decade as the world’s richest billionaire

Jeff Bezos

Thanks to your holiday shopping, once again Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Jeff Bezos has a net worth of $113 billion. Bill Gates is just below, at $111 billion.

French billionaire Bernard Arnault is in the third position with a net worth of $104 billion. He is the richest person in Europe. Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett is fourth, with $87 billion, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg rounds out the top five at $77.1 billion.

A little over a week since former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates narrowly unseated Jeff Bezos as the world’s richest person, Amazon CEO has reclaimed the spot as the world’s richest billionaire.

The holiday shopping season has boosted Amazon’s stock, helping Jeff Bezos reclaim the top billionaire spot. The world’s largest e-commerce company’s stock climbed to a 2-month high as holiday shoppers started opening their wallets.

According to the list, Bill Gates’ fortune has increased by $20.6 billion this year, while Jeff Bezos’s has fallen by $11.7 billion.

Top 10 richest people in the world

  1. Jeff Bezos: $113 billion
  2. Bill Gates: $111 billion
  3. Bernard Arnault: $104 billion
  4. Warren Buffett: $87 billion
  5. Mark Zuckerberg: $77.1 billion
  6. Amancio Ortega: $67.1 billion
  7. Larry Page: $63.7 billion
  8. Charles Koch: $61.9 billion
  9. Julia Flesher Koch: $61.9 billion
  10. Sergey Brin: $61.8 billion

Lust behind Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates on the list is French retail mogul Bernard Arnault, the owner of luxury conglomerate LVMH, whose $104 billion fortune has increased by about a third — $33.4 billion — this year.

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