Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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Top 10 UK Banks With The Best Retail Banking Customer Experience

London, UK

First Direct has been named the Best British Bank for delivering the best retail banking customer experience, in a Kantar banking poll, followed by the UK’s second-largest mortgage lender Nationwide.

Barclays clinched third place, being given 100 customer experience points compared to 134 at First Direct. The Co-operative Bank came in fourth with 97 points. The retail banking index is based on survey responses from 8,700 customers.

First Direct scored 134, Nationwide 119, and Barclays 100, while The Cooperative Bank and HSBC both scored 97.

  1. First Direct (score: 134)
  2. Nationwide (score: 119)
  3. Barclays (score: 100)
  4. The Co-Operative Bank (Score: 97)
  5. HSBC (score: 97)
  6. Royal Bank of Scotland (score: 96)
  7. Halifax (score: 94, tie)
  8. Lloyds (score: 94, tie)
  9. Natwest (score: 92)
  10. TSB Bank (score: 90)

Top 10 UK Banks With The Best Retail Banking Customer Experience

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