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Average Dutch Men And Women Are Getting Both Heavier And Taller

Amsterdam Netherlands

Interestingly, both men and women in the Netherlands are getting heavier and taller since 1981, according to Statistics Netherlands (CBS) health survey. Dutchmen are now an average of 1.81 meters tall and women 1.67 meters.

Between 1981 and 2018, Dutch women on average grew 1.5 centimeters taller and 4.7 kilograms heavier, while Dutchmen grew 3.8 centimeters taller and 2.3 kilograms heavier.

Dutch Men:

  • Average height in 2018: 181 centimeters
  • Average height in 1981: 177.2 centimeters
  • The difference: 3.8 centimeters
  • Average weight in 2018: 85 kilos
  • Average weight in 1981: 82.7 kilos
  • The difference: 2.3 kilos

Dutch Women:

  • Average height in 2018: 167 centimeters
  • Average height in 1981: 165.5 centimeters
  • The difference: 1.5 centimetres
  • Average weight in 2018: 72 kilos
  • Average height in 1981: 67.3 kilos
  • The difference: 4.7 kilos

Researchers also found strong regional differences. The smallest people were in Brabant and Limburg, who were on average 3 centimetres shorter than the tallest at the other end of the country in Groningen and Friesland.

  1. Friesland
    Average male height: 181.95
    Average female height: 168.6
  2. Groningen
    Average male height: 181.66
    Average female height: 168.39
  3. Drenthe
    Average male height: 181.65
    Average female height: 168.33
  4. Utrecht
    Average male height: 181.34
    Average female height: 167.84
  5. Flevoland
    Average male height: 181.15
    Average female height: 166.79
  6. Overijssel
    Average male height: 181.05
    Average female height: 167.85
  7. Gelderland
    Average male height: 180.86
    Average female height: 167.36
  8. Noord-Holland
    Average male height: 180.76
    Average female height: 167.56
  9. Zuid-Holland
    Average male height: 180.04
    Average female height: 166.47
    Zeeland 179.96
    Average female height: 166.79
  10. Noord-Brabant
    Average male height: 179.33
    Average female height: 166.14
  11. Limburg
    Average male height: 178.56
    Average female height: 165.32

In 2018, the average male was almost 14 centimeters taller than the average female. A diet of calorific drinks and junk food is driving up the weight of young Dutch adults, and 1 in 4 are officially classified as too heavy. In total, 21 percent of 18 to 25-year-olds are too heavy and 3.3 percent are classified as obese. And the number of people categorised as obese has risen from 5 percent in 1981 to 14 percent today.

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