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The best and worst cities in the U.S. for unmarried people, 2019

Atlanta ranked as the best place for individuals not in a relationship, according to the personal finance website WalletHub, followed by Denver and San Francisco.

And, the worst city for unmarried people in the United States? That heartless honor goes to Pearl City, Hawaii. Cupid has abandoned Columbia, Maryland.

Currently, about 45 percent of the U.S. adult population is unmarried. So, if you’re single and feeling down on your luck, just know that there are about 111 million other people in America who also haven’t tied the knot.

Worst cities in the U.S. for unmarried people

1. Pearl City, HI
2. Pembroke Pines, FL
3. Glendale, CA
4. Brownsville, TX
5. South Burlington, VT
6. Columbia, MD
7. Yonkers, NY
8. Winston-Salem, NC
9. Shreveport, LA
10. Hialeah, FL

Best cities in the U.S. for unmarried people

1. Atlanta, GA
2. Denver, CO
3. San Francisco, CA
4. San Diego, CA
5. Portland, OR
6. Chicago, IL
7. Los Angeles, CA
8. Madison, WI
9. Seattle, WA
10. Portland, ME

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Full List: Best Cities for Singles

RankCityEconomics Recreation anf FunDating opportunitiesScore
1Atlanta, GA1346369.27
2Denver, CO12416466.19
3San Francisco, CA1815765.47
4San Diego, CA15281765.06
5Portland, OR133131364.54
6Chicago, IL17642264.29
7Los Angeles, CA17714863.87
8Madison, WI5141263.78
9Seattle, WA17572362.94
10Portland, ME10735962.26
11Tucson, AZ87331161.36
12Minneapolis, MN13628561.35
13Pittsburgh, PA99192861.33
14Austin, TX91911461.07
15Rochester, NY92371460.21
16Honolulu, HI145116560.19
17Columbus, OH44362960.14
18Boston, MA180151559.91
19Tampa, FL62178859.88
20Richmond, VA82323059.58
21Cincinnati, OH77313159.39
22Reno, NV37491959.3
23Missoula, MT64100659.19
24Las Vegas, NV117315659.15
25Houston, TX120206359.09
26Salt Lake City, UT52344658.96
27Washington, DC179102658.85
28San Antonio, TX42247658.8
29Tempe, AZ18722458.72
30Fargo, ND111301258.61
31Burlington, VT14264158.59
32Phoenix, AZ78513558.47
33Miami, FL167213058.37
34St. Louis, MO112263957.9
35New York, NY18217557.81
36Grand Rapids, MI31554757.76
37Orlando, FL1031214857.39
38Colorado Springs, CO25466457.22
39Columbia, SC102901056.94
40Virginia Beach, VA392711256.45
41Lexington-Fayette, KY26635256.41
42Raleigh, NC58476256.38
43St. Paul, MN71652756.38
44Tallahassee, FL601021856.34
45Fort Lauderdale, FL130228356.23
46Omaha, NE27449856.02
47Dallas, TX1132311855.88
48Lincoln, NE341102555.69
49Charleston, SC65439555.27
50Boise, ID33715855.18
51Chandler, AZ17834855.16
52New Orleans, LA157218055.06
53Nashville, TN1042910154.5
54Knoxville, TN46619254.26
55Scottsdale, AZ883012254.12
56Milwaukee, WI96576054.1
57Manchester, NH1141071654.03
58Des Moines, IA231017153.98
59Buffalo, NY122427853.63
60Wilmington, DE146593753.53
61Sioux Falls, SD91156953.45
62Rapid City, SD71425453.44
63Sacramento, CA150385953.4
64Indianapolis, IN545611153.33
65Worcester, MA125923253.17
66Tacoma, WA115685353.17
67Lubbock, TX221346152.93
68Salem, OR128844052.91
69New Haven, CT156862152.86
70Charlotte, NC1003912052.78
71San Jose, CA171453652.71
72Jacksonville, FL504813752.58
73Oklahoma City, OK159810652.52
74Fayetteville, NC1231412052.46
75Baton Rouge, LA137605052.36
76Springfield, MO811613152.34
77Cleveland, OH138526852.33
78Norfolk, VA95815652.31
79Louisville, KY695012852.31
80Providence, RI160534552.21
81Baltimore, MD163259452.09
82Cedar Rapids, IA1212711652.05
83Albuquerque, NM110588652.04
84West Valley City, UT191777451.75
85Huntington Beach, CA141794351.72
86Corpus Christi, TX409110551.65
87Wichita, KS2012310251.57
88Fort Worth, TX556912651.55
89Mesa, AZ139611951.41
90Bismarck, ND214912951.12
91El Paso, TX48216050.98
92Long Beach, CA165624150.97
93Kansas City, MO679710050.94
94Anchorage, AK143705750.91
95Jersey City, NJ168673850.88
96Akron, OH701199650.87
97Oakland, CA174407250.63
98Glendale, AZ481556750.51
99Aurora, CO631069250.43
100Arlington, TX561409050.41
101St. Petersburg, FL1055413350.4
102Riverside, CA1391353450.32
103Irvine, CA1216610950.11
104Tulsa, OK2910413650.06
105Durham, NC288714650.06
106Newark, NJ172753349.99
107Fresno, CA1191137049.93
108Birmingham, AL8510810849.89
109Irving, TX1061097749.84
110Augusta, GA571808949.47
111Oxnard, CA1181634949.29
112Rancho Cucamonga, CA1311425549.29
113Bridgeport, CT1511186649.14
114Spokane, WA1168012349.07
114Amarillo, TX115116649.07
116Anaheim, CA140947349.07
117Memphis, TN729513249.02
118Garden Grove, CA1591395148.91
119Fort Wayne, IN478815748.79
120Santa Ana, CA1621174248.67
121Oceanside, CA144939148.61
122Philadelphia, PA1691816848.6
123Bakersfield, CA10112610448.36
124Huntsville, AL3616413548.29
125Cheyenne, WY616212448.27
126Columbus, GA8015611548.26
127Fontana, CA1271528248.18
128Plano, TX217616548.16
129Vancouver, WA1497410748.08
130Mobile, AL4913615048.02
131Greensboro, NC148516947.93
132San Bernardino, CA1611684447.87
133Chesapeake, VA2414414347.75
134Nashua, NH4511214947.74
135Gilbert, AZ314515347.67
136Nampa, ID411768747.66
137Aurora, IL1531257947.63
138Las Cruces, NM6117310347.56
139Detroit, MI1487811347.52
140Casper, WY3216012547.51
141Newport News, VA9312213947.47
142Overland Park, KS3511415847.23
143Chattanooga, TN798916147.22
144Ontario, CA1261509747.12
145Little Rock, AR9013714247.04
146Jackson, MS7517114046.95
147Toledo, OH10913312746.73
148Henderson, NV5312015146.48
149Santa Clarita, CA1471578546.47
150Modesto, CA7416914446.36
151Charleston, WV8612913446.08
152Billings, MT5913115946.07
153Juneau, AK1641248145.99
154North Las Vegas, NV721828445.72
155Montgomery, AL3814816245.65
156Stockton, CA1351659945.64
157Grand Prairie, TX6817513845.45
158Dover, DE8312814745.35
159Santa Rosa, CA1787312145.16
160Chula Vista, CA15813811044.92
161Garland, TX7616614144.72
162Port St. Lucie, FL1614617044.53
163Fort Smith, AR4317215444.5
164Huntington, WV9416114543.82
165Peoria, AZ1016717243.81
166Gulfport, MS8417016343.8
167Fremont, CA1559915243.64
168Lewiston, ME9715315543.64
169Moreno Valley, CA15417911742.86
170Laredo, TX3015817342.68
171Cape Coral, FL512117942.67
172Warwick, RI8911117741.52
173Hialeah, FL12914716741.43
174Shreveport, LA11117417141.31
175Winston-Salem, NC9815917641.13
176Yonkers, NY1707717440.8
177Columbia, MD13217816440.63
178South Burlington, VT8110518139.23
179Brownsville, TX6615418039.09
180Glendale, CA17310317838.2
181Pembroke Pines, FL10813218237.61
182Pearl City, HI16618117536.5

To help American singles find love, the website compared 182 cities in the country across 35 keys indicators of dating friendliness. The indicators fell under three main categories: economics, recreation & fun, and dating opportunities. The cities were evaluated on the following:

1. Economics (How much is the date going to cost and do people make enough money to pay for it?)
2. The availability of recreational activities (Is there stuff people want to do in the area?)
3. Dating opportunities (Are there enough singles to date each other?)

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - The best and worst cities in the U.S. for unmarried people, 2019
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