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Your Favorite Company Has a Secret: Finger Food Advanced Technology Group

What do you get when technologists are just as passionate about problem-solving as they are about the latest tech advancements and devices? Finger Food Advanced Technology Group. In the past decade, Finger Food has created over 200 products with results that are real, tangible, and groundbreaking. The group comprises the savviest techies in the industry, led by CEO and founder Ryan Peterson, and everyone on board is dedicated to making an impact on the world one piece of software at a time.

Finger Food got their start in the smartphone revolution—but they were ahead of the game. When the smartphone boom was just starting, Finger Food saw the need to utilize the latest in tech to improve people’s lives on a wide scale. From how we work to how we play and interact with one another, technology can do so much more than take Instagram-worthy pics (though that can be important, too).

Today, Finger Food is home to artists, electrical engineers, designers, software developers, mechanical engineers, marketing experts, project managers, and QA testers. The team is focused on creating enterprise-level solutions that impact the Global 1000 companies’ digital transformation. The most popular developments range from virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) wearable devices to games and robotics. SoftBank Robotics America teamed up with Finger Food to create a platform that teaches students how to code. The technology itself closes the divide between complete script development and visual programming in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). When learning to code, students require feedback in real-time in order to keep learning on track and benefit from having problem-solving strategies readily available.

It’s no secret that coding is an increasingly important skill, and one that should be taught in K-12 education. Finger Food developed a visually-based flow-programming platform for beginners to start scripting with robots. Using high-level functions via boxes that are wired together, students get feedback from the virtual robot “Pepper” along the way. Coding robotics might sound like a skill developed in university, but the reality is that preparing the next generation for a workforce that’s increasingly automated means knowing coding from an earlier age.

Helping students learn to code is just one of the company’s many achievements. Finger Food serves companies around the globe in a variety of industries. At the core of each relationship is partnership-building, which is how Finger Food has established a reputation based on integrity and flawless delivery. From helping lululemon find the perfect  bra for every woman to changing the Lowe’s shopping experience with an AR app, the platforms and industries Finger Food works with is the epitome of diverse.

How Finger Food Works

At the heart of the company is a drive to create results that transform businesses by making the most of leveraging cutting-edge technologies. In markets that are quickly evolving, it’s paramount that the partners you depend on for raising leverage aren’t just keeping pace but blowing the others out of the water. The process all starts with design, managed by the Finger Food team of award-winning design experts. They work together to customize elegant solutions across a variety of verticals. From mobile to robot OS, mixed reality, and much more, nothing is off limits when it comes to designing the ultimate unique tech solutions for each company.

However, design is bred from discovery—and this requires careful, active listening. That’s why every partnership Finger Food undertakes is a collaboration. Learning about the primary challenges, uncovering complicated concepts, and prioritizing clarity when it comes to goals all help create the skeleton for the design concept. Next is the envisioning process. This is founded on problem-solving that’s adaptive. Business, technical, and creative experts work together to workshop design possibilities, and in-person sessions provide the quickest avenue to discover top opportunities. The user experience is key in AR/VR, robotics, or any other determined solution. How users interact with the final product is the first glimpse companies get into the final solution, service, or product.

Once the user experience is fine-tuned, it’s time for development.

Platforms and infrastructure are developed that guide companies towards innovation in quickly-changing markets. It’s no longer enough to be amongst the best of the best. Today’s companies need to be always one step ahead, particularly when it comes to technology. Finger Food solutions are prototyped in order to determine exactly how effective they will be. Project teams rapidly iterate so that feedback from both the client and test users can be quickly acted on. Improvements and changes are made nearly in real-time, leaving no room for the competition to catch up or for motivation to be lost.

When all of the tweaks and changes are made, engineers and software developers dive in to build the necessary solutions. Finger Food proudly boasts an unequaled history of on-time delivery. Marrying speed with the results you need is the only way to take your business to the next level. However, most companies can’t be satisfied with a single, one-time delivery. The evolution of the product may be nearly constant, especially once it gets to real users. Users needs and desires will change over time, but Finger Food is by their partner company’s side every step of the way. Product evolution is a necessity for almost every solution, and the “turnover” of those changes are getting faster and faster.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

The Finger Food delivery is another element that makes Finger Food so unique. “We deliver” is a common refrain in the world of tech, but it doesn’t mean much without case studies and happy clients to back it up. With scores of solutions under Finger Food’s belt, it’s easy to track the project lifecycle of numerous products and services. The solutions are scalable, robust, and always use the most effective emerging technology. From planning to the actual delivery of each iteration of the solution and the constant QA support, clients rest easy knowing the evolution of their company is in solid hands. When it comes to delivering world-class products around the globe, there’s no room for oversite. Rob Branson, director of technology at PACCAR, sums it up perfectly: “A lot of times it’s all about the technology. With Finger Food it’s about way more. It’s about driving business value.”

See for yourself how many companies you know, love, and respect depend on Finger Food for their most impressive solutions. Check out the Finger Food Advanced Technology Group case studies, partners, and more today—and discover what Finger Food can do for you and your business.

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Graham Cunliffe
Graham Cunliffe, Chief Strategy Officer, Finger Food Advanced Technology Group. Graham Cunliffe is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine.