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Revealed: The Best And Worst Countries For A Comfortable Retirement In Europe, 2019

Based on metrics such as cost of living, life expectancy, population age, and property prices, as well as crime rates, a new report by Blacktower Financial Management looks at the best and worst countries for retirement in Europe.

Number crunching: According to the research, Spain came in as the best country for retirees in Europe for 2019. Coming in at the second-best place for retirement in Europe was Finland, followed by Italy, Slovenia, and the Netherlands. Portugal took 6th spot and Germany was in seventh place, Greece was at eighth, and Denmark only made 9th. Azerbaijan was the bottom of the league.

Where is the United Kingdom on the scale of best and worst countries for retirees in Europe?

The United Kingdom ranked at seventeen in terms of the best country for retirees in Europe.

Azerbaijan topped the list of worst European countries for retirees, followed by Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, and Armenia, according to the study of 45 countries.

The best countries for a comfortable retirement in Europe, 2019

  1. Spain
  2. Finland
  3. Italy
  4. Slovenia
  5. Netherlands
  6. Portugal
  7. Germany
  8. Greece
  9. Denmark
  10. Austria
  11. Malta
  12. Belgium
  13. Estonia
  14. Sweden
  15. Iceland
  16. Cyprus
  17. United Kingdom
  18. Switzerland
  19. Czech Republic
  20. Poland
  21. Croatia
  22. Ireland
  23. Norway
  24. Bulgaria
  25. France
  26. Luxembourg
  27. Slovakia
  28. Romania
  29. Latvia
  30. Hungary
  31. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  32. Lithuania
  33. Montenegro
  34. Albania
  35. Georgia
  36. North Macedonia
  37. Belarus
  38. Turkey
  39. Serbia
  40. Armenia
  41. Russia
  42. Ukraine
  43. Moldova
  44. Kazakhstan
  45. Azerbaijan

Europe’s Best Countries For A Comfortable Retirement, 2019

Europe’s Worst Countries For A Comfortable Retirement, 2019

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