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Top 5 Activities To Be A Part Of During College

Participating in extra-curricular activities can turn out to be helpful for college students. Such activities will not just provide you with a break from your work, but will also allow you to take out time for your hobbies and other skills that can prove to be helpful for you in the future. It will provide you with valuable experiences and will help in making social and professional connections. Academics can prove to be overwhelming for some students, so you must take part in some activities of your choice to make your college life more pleasant! The following are the top 5 activities that students should take part in during college.

  1. Join a debating club
    Joining a debating club or society is always a good idea as it helps to improve your speaking and listening skills; not to mention your patience level. Debating regularly helps a person in understanding both the pros and cons of a situation and improves reasoning, critical thinking, and argumentative abilities. One can gain multi-faceted knowledge about a variety of subjects if they debate regularly. Your language and writing skills are also greatly influenced by your debating skills.
  2. Pursue a hobby
    With excessive assignments and short deadlines, it can become stressful for a college student to manage everything. But, to ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed by the stress, it is important that you take out time for your hobby. Your hobby could be anything, ranging from sports to arts to music. It will not only serve as a needed break but will also make you feel at peace. You can join the college sports team or take part in music concerts. This will also serve as a means of entertainment for you.

  3. Become a member of the student body/council
    Being a student council member means representing the students in front of the administration. Although this is a time consuming and demanding activity, it can help you to inculcate some great leadership skills. This will also help you in establishing contacts with people who can help you in the future. Overall, if you become a student council member, you will create a name for yourself amongst your peers and this popularity can come in handy for you.

  4. Write for the Student newspaper or magazine
    A student publication can help you raise your voice against the unjust happenings around you. It will also help you spread your ideas and thoughts amongst your peers at college. Being an editor at the college level will assist you in developing writing skills and increase your hold on the language. It can benefit people who are aiming for a job in the writing sector after college, or you can write just for the sake of your hobby. Whatever the case, a good student is expected to have good reading and writing skills, and this activity will ensure that you do not just develop these two skills but also increase your general knowledge.

  5. Internships
    Interning either along with your semester or during your semester breaks is often recommended as it not only helps you pass your time but also to gain practical experience about your subject. Your internship can either be based on your academics or your hobby. Internships help you gain exposure and insight into the real world and assist you in making contacts. If the internship is paid, it will also help you in paying off your bills. Moreover, there are chances that the employer is impressed by your work and recruit you as a full-time employee in their organization, after your college degree.

Apart from the aforementioned top 5 activities to be a part of during college, you can take part in any other club or society that you find to be a good fit for yourself. It is essential to be active in your college days and work upon your skills and hobbies. Academics can offer you theoretical knowledge, but it is equally important to gain real-world experience. Also, college life must be more than just cramming; you must focus on self-development and indulge in one or more of the aforementioned activities.

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