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Top 6 places to travel for learning Yoga

Everybody is in search of knowledge as they scrape off intricate parts, go around every nook and corner and try to build themselves up into intellectual beings, the kind of beings one looks up to in a room full of people. Earning money and being a millionaire always comes secondary to acquiring knowledge. You might own a lot of money, but managing and utilising it accordingly is where knowledge comes handy and is one of the most supreme powers one would want to possess. Hence, we bring to you the top 5 ways to open your eyes to a world full of knowledge, where learning would not be as burdensome as schools or colleges make it.

  1. Score that internship
    Getting hands-on experience through prioritising and practising in your field of interest is the primitive source to garner knowledge. Internships can assist in expanding your horizons and will  give you valuable insight into applying theories, which you studied so far theoretically, in real, practical problems, thereby developing your problem solving capability and aptitude. The underlying idea behind taking up an internship is to network with people from your field and give a boost to your individual self. Better interpersonal skills is an added advantage of undertaking an internship. Gather immense knowledge, which expands beyond educational curriculum and get the edge which will make you survive in this dog-eat-dog world because you would have an ace up your sleeve.
  2. Enrol yourself in online certificate courses
    If you feel that you are lacking in worthy extra knowledge which colleges fail to impart or if you fancy some other subject and want to get the hang of it, enrol yourselves in online certificate courses. A certificate course will add a legitimate veil to your already existing knowledge and will help you understand the market scenarios better with its live projects. A few online courses provide podcast services on their website explaining technicalities and re-iterating frequently asked doubts which students usually encounter. A lot of certificate courses can be done online, which will make you more marketable once you go out seeking prestigious jobs.
  3. Watch educational and motivational video casts
    There is a whole educational world which is proliferating online and if you pivot your approach towards your mobile phones altogether, you might find some extremely knowledgeable video casts and podcasts dispensed at educational websites. Check out some videos at websites majoring in your field of interest and you will find valuable information and tips which would make sure you thrive in your career. It is all about looking in the right place at any time, as they would introduce you the island of indispensable knowledge, the one you would never want to return from.
  4. Search for a mentor
    Books and the internet can definitely help you in getting answers to theoretical or practical questions and a scientific answer to them is always available; however, the essence of life and the experience one has gained by sustaining through all the years in life is, at the same time, prudent enough to be sought for. Therefore, finding a mentor who will guide you through your trying times and will give you inexplicably paramount advice will be something you will cherish forever. A mentor is not a person on whom you could fall back on when cornered during life, but he would be someone who would train you meticulously for your battles and will pass on the elixir of life everyone is parched for.
  5. Read your way in to success
    Let’s not confuse the books prescribed in the curriculum with the additional reading you take up to go dig further deep into the field you fancy the most. Books have almost everything stored in for you as they are the key to the vast magical land of knowledge. Read self-help books or autobiographies which would inspire you enough to turn your life into one.

You can even read up blogs by some of the most successful people in their respective fields to gain the information they find to be significant enough to share with the world. Stay updated on everything there is in the field you love, as nobody likes to be caught by surprise in their own battle ground. It is important to realise that schools won’t teach you all there is to be learnt, and therefore you have to carefully look for other ways to get hold of the abundant knowledge that is widely available all around you!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Top 6 places to travel for learning Yoga
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