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Costliest Clothing Brands for Businessmen in Europe

Owning an expensive range of clothing which defines the style, persona, and enhances the outlook is a must for a businessman for sure. Interestingly, Europe has the most excellent range of clothing brands that are incredibly appealing and bring radiance to the wearer. With a strong cultural background and versatility, the European clothing range for men is something brilliant to look for. Every country in Europe has a different outlook on fashion and brings out a fantastic range of menswear for ambitious CEOs. We bring you the list of costliest clothing brands for businessmen in Europe:

  1. Louis Vuitton: This France-based brand is one of the most expensive and sought after brands for menswear. With a net worth of 28.8 billion dollars and is of French origin. The luxury brand manufactures clothing, leather goods, footwear, and stylish sunglasses as well. The brand sells its products in more than 50 countries globally.
  2. Hermes: The Parisian beauty brand is an example of sophistication and class. Founded in France in the year 1837, and has headquarters in Paris. The brand is an example of excellence, style, and contemporary looks. Their list of high-end clients keeps growing by days and comprises of a lot of celebrities as well.
  3. Gucci: Italy is a home for classy fashion, and many clothing brands had their inception here. Gucci, in particular, has been the center point of the fashion industry for a long time. Some of the famous Hollywood celebrities get their clothing that is hugely appealing and stylish. Gucci began its operations in the year 1921 and also sold footwear, handbags, wallets, and an exclusive range of clothing.
  4. Prada: This Italian origin brand has been the hottest name of clothing line ups and founded by Mario Prada in the year 1930, which is sported by celebrities such as Gary Oldman and Norman Reedus. The brand loves to stick to primary colors and yet makes an impressive appeal in terms of fits and styles. Their fabrics are also quite comfortable and aimed at bringing all-day long bliss for the wearer.
  5. Burberry: The British brand is one of the greatest fashion houses globally. The makers love to experiment on earthly colors and interesting prints that are beautiful and extremely classy to look at. The tailor-made fits by Burberry bring the best suits for the businessman. Many fashion week ramp walks feature Burberry’s line of clothing in a global arena.
  6. Dior: With a brand value of 11.9 billion dollars, it is undoubtedly the most expensive brand in Europe. Power, status, and classiness are reflected in their line of clothing. Founded in the year 1946 by Christian Dior, it has a strong elite presence and prestigious reputation. Their range of apparel is spectacularly stylish.
  7. Zara: A Spanish apparel brand which was originated in the year 1975 with some fantastic line of clothing for men. The brand focuses on minimalism and comfort over flamboyance and supreme style. It produces nearly 450 million items per year globally, with basic to layered designs. Their line of men’s trousers and tailored fit suits deserve special attention.

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