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Make The Most Out Of Push Notifications With These Best Practices

Did you know that 71% of app uninstalls are triggered by a push notification? Intimidating enough? Well, the game is all about how well you engage and retain your subscribers. So, if you don’t wish to be part of such a scenario and want to increase subscriber retention whilst creating meaningful relationships, you must know how to get going. Below, we’ll talk about push notification best practices to help you deliver the best content at the most relevant times for your readers. Read on and brace yourselves!

Care for your reader

While this may seem rather self-explanatory, I’ll shed light on the fact that there are most companies or brands which share all kinds of information without being concerned about the needs of their audience. And, the first step in implementing push notifications is to put yourself in the shoes of your reader, dive deep into what interests them while what not and further communicate your message in the most attractive way which delivers value to your readers.

Time your opt-ins 

Encouraging subscribers to opt-in or sign up precedes getting started with sending across notifications. So, sending it at the right time is essential as it either makes or breaks a prospective relationship. Sending a popup right after they installed your app is one of the most annoying things ever and it can do more harm than good. However, if you’re asking existing website users or subscribers to download an app, then asking for permission on the first session is more likely to be successful.

Segmentation is the key

Proper segmentation can increase your click through rate by 218 percent, as per source. Undoubtedly, it is the most important aspect. Firstly, you can ask subscribers what kind of content they wish to read and receive via push notifications. Further, segment them based on location, device, browser type, behavior and other such factors. Now that you have different customer personas, understand their journeys and target them with different content strategies. This will help you send the most appropriate message to the right audience which will increase engagement and maximise effectiveness.

Deliver relevant content

Once you’ve successfully segmented your target audience, make sure to deliver the right content to them. Be concise, crisp, and succinct. Personalise if you can as more personalised and targeted a message is, the more effective it is. Furthermore, don’t forget to include an impactful CTA as they goal is to tell them what to do.

Avail design opportunities and reap benefits

Do you want your push notification to be plain looking which is a major turn off for the users? Then you must pay heed to the design of your push message and make it very attractive by including elements like images, short videos, GIFs, etc as they convey emotions more quickly and effectively than simple text. When adding images, make sure that they are of the highest quality and extremely impressive.

Be brand compliant

Staying true to your brand voice is one of the most important things to be taken care of when using browser push notifications. Creating a consistent brand message depends on many aspects, like your business sector. For instance, browser notifications for elearning businesses are very effective based on the industry’s niche. In general, a push notification can be using brand logo and images or following the same tone. More precisely, Netflix is a perfect example of great use of tone which is very conversational, engaging, and overall very approachable.

Increase relevance with location based segmentation 

Segmenting audience and targeting them based on their location is yet another way to maximize effectiveness of push notifications. And, The Guardian is a perfect example showcasing the same feature. As it’s aware of the location of its core readership and provide custom notification options for these markets, they can then use this information to send push notifications to subscribers at the right time.

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