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How to Find Your Target Audience? 7 Things You Need to Know About Analytics on Social Media

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Preparing amazing content on social media is not enough to win your followers’ hearts. What’s more, marketers are sometimes caught red-handed with a lack of knowledge about who their audience is. And this is a thing that you can’t build your strategy without. How can you find and evaluate your social media audience? Let’s check it out.

  1. Gather data you already have
    Audience analytics in social media is not a buzzword – it is a set of existing metrics you should keep an eye on. Also, if needed, download and compare them in order to check out whether your audience reflects the desired persona and target group set up in the strategy. You can be surprised how much you already know.
  2. Put data into context
    Why do some statistics stand out from the rest? What happened on that day when your engagement rate boosted? You can’t guess, you need to analyze. With a reliable social media analytics tool (e.g. this one https://napoleoncat.com/features/analytics/), optimizing your performance is easier since you can automate a lot of analytics tasks. Looking at charts and analyzing reports takes you one step closer to success on social media.
  3. Don’t forget to analyze competitors’ moves
    It is important to know what your competitors are doing or planning on doing in terms of audience engagement. What kind of content performs best for them, and which does not bring a lot of engagement? There is no excuse, you simply need to know it.

    Social Media

  4. Check out your audience interests
    There is no way for you to find it all out, but using data, reports or articles available online and offline, you can identify your target groups and their interests, and then try to transfer this knowledge into social media posts or advertising campaigns. This, along with research on the competition, can give you a lot of interesting and actionable insights that you can include in your strategy. What else can you use for finding out more about your audience? Social listening can deliver you the analysis of sentiment, a list of mentions and the overall opinion about your brand on the Internet. With so much info, you are really good to go.
  5. Adjust your communication
    Once you have your audiences sorted, or at least you think you do, you should start to serve them some content and find out whether your strategy works, or if you need to change it slightly. Do not be put off by some initial results, since they may not be measurable from day one, but if a lack of results occurs regularly, it’s high time for you to change it.
  6. Test some paid ads
    Audience analytics in social media can be conducted based on organic reach and results only, however, social media give you amazing opportunities to target your audiences really narrowly. Make the most of it. It does not mean that you need to spend a fortune on one campaign, but sometimes even a few dollars can help you to find the sweet spot. Also, this way you can evaluate the quality of chosen audiences. If you targeted them too narrowly, your advert may not reach enough people and therefore you can burn some money, or the audience will be too small for Facebook anyway.
  7. Observe your audience
    Working on audiences is not a single activity, it is an advanced process that needs to be optimized to deliver the best possible results. If one of your target groups do not convert as you hoped for, maybe you should modify it slightly or rethink whether this group is even appropriate for your brand. Sometimes, by total accident, you can find a group that will convert better even if you would have never thought so. Good luck with targeting only the right audiences!

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