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Guten Appetit: 5 German Foods You Must Try in Germany

When someone mentions Germany and its varied cuisine, most of us think only of beer, sausage, and sauerkraut, but in reality, Germany’s delicacies are more than just this. The dishes are diverse in Germany as people from South Germany eat very different cuisine than those from North Germany. The culinary history of Germany reflects the roots of the people. German cuisine has now evolved as a national cuisine over the centuries, with every region having a distinct flavor and a specialty. The area in Hamburg is widely known for its fresh fish delicacies and the Southern area, like Munich, is known for its pork specialty. “Deftre Küche” is the term given to the dishes in the southern area of Germany, Bavaria and Baden- Württemberg. It is the term to describe food rich in taste and flavors, which is heavy for the diet. it is the food that fills your tummy for the night. The richness and heartiness are something you will find in every part of Germany and on every plate. The versatility of the food is evident from our list of dishes that you must try when you are traveling in Germany.

  • Spätzle – Swabian Egg Noodles
    Most people are left surprised when they get to know that the widespread dish in most of Northern Germany is vegetarian – a kind of pasta which consists of flour, salt, and a hint of beer or sparkling water. Germans indeed love to add beer to their food as it makes their food even tastier and one of its kind. It’s best to not call it German pasta as Germans are very possessive about their Spätzle. The traditional Spätzle is served as a meaty and rich dish or sometimes as the main dish. It can also be dropped into soups or made into a cheesy pasta. Originally, this delicacy comes from Baden-Württemberg, but you can find this lovely eatable in any Swabian restaurant with an excellent service of regional wine.
  • Maultaschen
    Originated in Swabia, this is one of the most experimented dishes, also known as Swabian ravioli because of its square or rectangular shape. This dish could be fried or boiled, with their outer casting of pasta dough filled with minced meat or sauerkraut and spinach with a tinge of pepper, parsley nutmeg or other spices and herbs. Zum Hasenwirt in Stuttgart is known for its delicious and freshly made eatables and its highly appealing rustic interiors.
  • Bratwurst
    This authentic delicacy made of pork is a part of every German barbeque. The Nurnberg serves the best short and thin Bratwürste, which has become famous over time. The iconic Bratwurstsemmel is a 2-minute meal in a bun. Frankfurt offers bigger and fatty Bratwürste. No matter the size of this dish, it is present in every part of Germany and is worth a try!
  • Currywurst
    Berlin introduced the world to this exceptional delicacy. Invented by Herta Heuer, it is a pork sausage wrapped with or without Darm. Sometimes cut into pieces, it is served with curry powder and ketchup. Traditionally, it is served with plain white bread or piping hot French fries. An astonishing fact which makes this dish even more famous is the fact that it has a museum dedicated to it.
  • Fishbrotchen
    Northern Germany follows a culinary tradition almost religiously, which is the fish sandwich. This is only possible because of the fresh fishes in the north and Baltic seas, often salmon, rollmops or brathering. The addition of onions, pickles, and horseradish sauce accentuates the taste of the fish. In Hamburg, to taste the best crispy roll stuffed with mouthwatering seafood, the excellent Bruecke serves its famous fish sandwich. World Fish Brotchen Day is celebrated every year in may where many stalls are put up with creative and innovative experiments on this fish sandwich like eel and fish eggs.

Most people don’t travel to Germany to try the delicacies of the place, but to see the beauty and historic cities and monuments. But the traditional cuisine of this beautiful country can surprise you. Try out the hidden local foods of the city and this list will help you find and explore the food culture during your visit.

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