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Incredible Ways to Increase your Productivity at Work

There are a few hours in the day when you work at the office [approximately eight hours], so making the most of this time is critical. There are two ways you can increase your output: you can either put in more hours or work smarter. Smart people will prefer the latter.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, there is a high chance that you want to increase your productivity at work. Productivity can improve business, boost employee morale, and increase profit. Productivity is also very closely related to efficiency. This article gives you some of the most effective tips that can help you increase your productivity at work.

  • Avoid multitasking
    Multitasking tends to give an impression that more jobs can be completed as you are doing multiple things simultaneously. But the opposite is actually true. Research shows that attempting to do many things at the same time can affect productivity, and that shifting between tasks can cost a significant amount of your time. That’s because your concentration is continually disrupted since you have to switch between the tasks.
    If you have a number of tasks to accomplish, know your priorities and allocate adequate time for each task. If you do that, you will first work on what’s urgent and have enough time to finish up the rest of the tasks.
  • Turn off notifications
    The development in technology has led to an increase in the number of smartphones. And these smartphones can affect one’s productivity at work.  According to a specific poll, more than 50% of US smartphones owners admit to checking their phones a few times within an hour. Switching off your phone or switching off your notifications can be one of the best ways to prevent yourself from checking your phone regularly. Similarly, you can also switch off notifications on your computer if you can access social media on your work desktop.
  • Know how to deal with interruptions
    There are some distractions in the office that are unavoidable. For instance, your manager may request for a quick meeting or your colleague may ask for assistance. For you to deal with these, you must know how to handle these interruptions effectively.
    Be proactive and tell your colleagues that you need to focus on something. You can also turn your status on as “busy” on your work chat app. If you are working on a deadline, it is best to let your colleagues know that you need to focus and you would appreciate it if no one interrupts you for the moment.
  • Avoid/cut down on meetings
    Meetings can consume a significant amount of your time; time that you could have used to do something constructive. You have to wait for people to arrive, then introduce yourselves, and finally, start the meeting.  And sometimes one single issue can be resolved for a whole hour.
    The alternative would be, don’t arrange for a meeting. Some of these things can be discussed through email or quick phone call. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of meetings altogether, there are situations where face-to-face meetings are critical. Just ensure that you weigh up the options before you make the decision.
  • Get motivated
    Motivation is a key factor when it comes to productivity. If you are unmotivated, you are likely to get bored, especially if you are dealing with monotonous routines. Moreover, if you lack motivation, you may not have the enthusiasm to complete challenging tasks. One of the ways to get motivated is to do tasks such as completing reports or contributing ideas for projects. You can also listen to talks by a reputable personality developer on self-motivation.
  • Take breaks
    Taking regular breaks is the key to maintaining productivity at work. Working in front of a computer for too long can lead to an inactive lifestyle which can expose you to a higher risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.  A short break, even for five minutes, can increase your productivity.

As much as the breaks are good for your physical health, they are also crucial for your emotional and mental wellbeing. The brain is like a muscle, the more it works without a break, the easier it gets worn out. Taking regular breaks can help to boost your creativity as well.

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