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Here’s the complete list of Bill Gates’ favorite TED talks

Bill Gates

I recently came across a playlist of the Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates’ favorite TED talks. People at TED asked Bill Gates to name his favorite TED talks, and the Microsoft co-founder picked thirteen of his favorites.

Subjects include Michael Specter speaking about the danger of science denial, to Bruce Aylward explaining how we’ll stop polio for good.

Gates’ wife, Melinda Gates, made it on the list for her talk on birth control. Currently 63 years old, Bill Gates is worth over $100 billion.

Bill Gates: My 13 favorite talks

  1. The best stats you’ve ever seen — Hans Rosling
  2. The danger of science denial — Michael Specter
  3. The history of our world in 18 minutes — David Christian
  4. Let’s put birth control back on the agenda — Melinda Gates
  5. How we’ll stop polio for good — Bruce Aylward
  6. How do we heal medicine? — Atul Gawande
  7. The surprising decline in violence — Steven Pinker
  8. Could this laser zap malaria?— Nathan Myhrvold
  9. Let’s use video to reinvent education — Salman Khan
  10. How PhotoSynth can connect the world’s images — Blaise Aguera y Arcas
  11. How I held my breath for 17 minutes — David Blaine
  12. The power of introverts — Susan Cain
  13. Robots that fly … and cooperate — Vijay Kumar

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