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Reasons Why You Should Use Smart DNS Technology

Smart Domain Name Server (DNS) is a technology that enables you to access geo-blocked websites or the websites restricted in certain regions or countries of the world. Smart DNS is a special kind of server that directs internet users to a certain proxy server. It allows you to access the geographically restricted content regardless of your location. Smart DNS is essentially useful when you want to bypass geographic filters. Smart DNS also allows you to access music and video streaming websites, and news websites that may be blocked by the government of your state.

How Smart DNS Works?

How Smart DNS works will give you a more clear understanding of what is Smart DNS proxy server. It works by changing the Domain Name Server of your device. It changes the proxy server of your device when you try to access the geographically restricted websites or regionally blocked content from websites like Netflix. Smart DNS redirects you to a dedicated server that recognizes your device as being within the geographical limits and thereby allow access to the restricted content. This means you can view any geo-blocked website from your home country.

Let’s delve into some good reasons to use Smart DNS technology.

  1. Your IP Address Remains Confidential
    One of the best benefits of using a DNS proxy server is that the website you access will not be able to access your real IP address. Instead, it will log the proxy server’s IP address. That means you can browse and unblock the blocked and censored content while being anonymous. Keep in mind that your IP address can tell about which country, city or region you are in, etc.
  2. Doesn’t Reduce Your Connection Speed
    A Smart DNS proxy does not route your connection, so it doesn’t impact your connection speed. Smart DNS doesn’t involve the same level of encryption as VPN and other proxy services have, so it doesn’t degrade your connection speed. The fast internet speed it allows makes it stand out from the rest of the proxy services. It makes your connection work at its optimal speed.
  3. Compatible with Most Devices
    Another good reason to use Smart DNS proxy is that it works with essentially any device. It can be used with any device having internet capability. Be it a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or a desktop computer. Moreover, this proxy is not restricted to be used with a Wi-Fi connection; you can also use it with the mobile internet (3G/4G) if you want.
  4. It’s Safer
    The free proxy servers are unreliable and are not safe to use. These proxies are prone to hacking, and they likely log your connection records; there is a digital footprint when using these proxies. This includes the usernames and passwords which can be hacked by a hacker. On the other hand, Smart DNS is a safe and reliable option if you want ultimate anonymity and safety.
  5. Overcome Censorship
    Censorship is a restriction on the freedom to access the data you want. Blocking certain video streaming websites is a violation of rights, but with the Smart DNS proxy, you can access any of those blocked websites and even censored content in your country. It gives you the freedom to see anything, anywhere, and anytime using your computer or smartphone.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - Reasons Why You Should Use Smart DNS Technology
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