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Busy Business Couple: These Expensive Date Ideas Will Leave Your Spouse Spellbound

Planning an unforgettable date that will make your partner fall in love with you all over again can be an overwhelming task. Whether you are celebrating your anniversary or looking forward to popping the question, the right setting can ensure the success of your date.

Here are some exquisite date ideas that will allow you to leave your spouse speechless and spellbound.

  1. A private jet date – Fly in the air!
    Flying over the city or countryside with your partner is once in a lifetime experience for every couple. Arrange a a private jet charter over the city and enjoy the beautiful landscapes while holding each other’s hand. Your partner is sure to be impressed and will cherish this magical moment throughout her life.

  2. A yacht date
    How about the idea of walking around the city and lead your spouse to the yacht club. Surprise him/her by renting a luxury yacht and arranging dinner on it in advance. Create a romantic atmosphere with wine and roses as you dine to the soothing melodies of violin or saxophone against the backdrop of a breath-taking sunset.

    Luxury Yacht Charter

  3. Movie date for just you two
    Why not book the entire theatre for your most awaited movie? Watch this movie with your spouse,  just two of you and none else. You can sneak in champagne and popcorn for the great movie experience. Furthermore, you can ask the concerned staff to add a custom made clip of your memories together with a sweet message for your loved one at the beginning or the end of the movie.

  4. Go scuba diving
    If both of you are adrenaline junkies then scuba diving can make your date exceptionally exciting. Exploring the underwater world together can give you an exotic experience. In most of the urban towns with natural water bodies, you can easily sign up for such an adventure.

    Scuba diving

  5. Rent a luxurious car
    Plan a ride around the city in one of the most sought after luxurious car with your special one. Whatever the venue, renting an extravagant car like Lamborghini or Bugatti will give your spouse royal feel that he/she deserves to experience at least once in their lifetime.

  6. A trip to Paris
    If you don’t mind going through the hassle of arranging visas then a day trip to Paris is the most extravagant date that one can plan. Paris is the synonym of love and romancing under the Eiffel Tower on a star-studded night, which is a dream of every girl. Let her dream come true with you.

    Paris, France

  7. Hot-Air Balloon Ride
    Imagine flying high in a hot-air balloon and proposing her, these magical words ‘Marry you’ will make your date magical and exciting, isn’t it? Just find out where will you get a hot-air balloon ride. Don’t forget a professional photographer to capture this moment for you.

    Hot air balloons Cappadocia Turkey

  8. Expensive meal at a roof-top restaurant
    Eating out is always a safe bet. Select a high-end roof-top restaurant that offers exotic cuisine with an awesome view of the city/natural landscape. Arrange for a bottle of champagne and bouquet of roses. To make your date unique, hire a personal violinist to play soft romantic music in the background.

  9. Go to a concert
    Surprise your better half by buying tickets for a show of an all-time icon, celebrity crush or a favorite band. Witnessing their most favorite singer or band perform live without any prior idea will be the most thrilling and memorable experience for you and your partner alike.

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