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Best Desert Safaris In The World

When one thinks of a desert, “barren” and “lifeless” are the first words that come to mind. But one can still have a plush time in a desert.  Here are some of the best desert safaris in the world.

  1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) – Arabian Desert.
    Commonly known for its modern architecture and luxury shopping, Dubai also has the Arabian desert to offer. The Arabian desert is one of the most sought-after desert safaris in the world. Cabs at the Dubai International Airport can take you on this 2-hour drive to this fabled desert. A sunset desert safari is preferred to have the best possible experience.
    A desert safari here usually consists of:

    # An impressive falcon show
    # Dune bashing in a 4-wheeled vehicle
    # Camel rides
    # Dinner at a safari camp with all-inclusive drinks and shisha
    # Various entertainment programs like belly dancing
    Located on the outskirts of the “City of Gold”, this desert safari is best experienced in the winter.

    Best time to visit: From October to April.

  2. Bahariya, Egypt – Sahara Desert.
    Blessed with the most popular desert in the world, Egypt is one of the top destinations for desert safari. This desert safari is a 4-hour drive from the Cairo International Airport.

    Golden mummies, the Crystal Mountain, and the world’s largest wandering dune, Ghurd al-Ghurabi are some of the remarkable treasures of the Bahariya desert.

    You have an option of using a camel or a 4×4 for the desert safari.  Exploring the natural treasures of the Baharya make up a big chunk of this desert safari. There are 2 options for accommodation: you can be closer to nature in a campsite or you may choose the comfort of a well-equipped luxury resort.
    Best time to visit:  From October to March

  3. Jaisalmer, India – Thar Desert.
    The Sam Sand Dunes is the best desert safari destination in India. It is a 7-hour drive away from the nearest airport in Jodhpur. The golden dunes make the sunset desert safari visually appealing. After riding the well-clad camels, you get some rest in the glorious Rajasthani tents. The day ends with a dinner of sumptuous Rajasthani cuisine. Folk music and dance further add to your experience, as you savor your food.
    You can make it a trip to remember by including the Jaisalmer Desert Festival in your itinerary. It is a cultural festival held annually in February.
    Best time to visit: From October to March

  4. Nevada, United States – Black Rock Desert.
    The Black Rock desert is a 15-km drive away from the nearest airport, the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. It is snow-clad in winter and golden in the rest of the year. Luxury off-road SUVs are available to help you explore the beautiful landscape of lava beds and alkali flats. A desert safari here usually consists of:
    # Wildlife viewing
    # Hiking
    # Bathing in the hot springs
    # Excellent food around the bonfire
    # Stargazing
    # The Flying Geyser, a geothermal geyser created accidentally in the 1960s, is the star attraction of this safari.
    Best time to visit: From March to May and August to October.

Some other notable desert safaris:

  • Muscat, Oman- Wahiba Sands
  • White Sands National Monument, USA – Chihuahuan Desert
  • Erg Chebbi, Morocco – Sagar Desert
  • Namibia – Namib Desert
  • Nubra Valley, Ladakh – Hunder Sand Dunes
  • Southern Mongolia – Gobi Desert

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