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South American Designers That Have Made it Big

When we talk about top fashion designers, we often have limited information which is primarily based on what International media covers. The coverage of media is largely restricted to mainstream fashion designers, most of whom are from North America and Europe. This selective coverage pushes the achievements of other fashion designers in the shadows and is extremely unfair.

In this article, I have decided to cover South American fashion designers so that we can expand our knowledge of who is who in the fashion industry and what makes them so worthy of praise. For the purpose of this article, I have written down about 5 such fashion designers in no order. With this, let us take a look at who these people are and what makes them so successful.

  1. Carolina Herrera.
    Born in Venezuela, Carolina Herrera is now a famous name among celebrities and dignitaries for her delectable choice in fashion.
    Introduced to the world of fashion by her grandmother, Carolina went on to hone her skills by working at Pucci’s Boutique in Caracas before moving to New York in 1980. Known for a ‘personal touch’ in her designs, Carolina has had the opportunity to dress up First Ladies a number of times, and they include Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, and Jacqueline Onassis.
    Her achievements have been duly recognized in the industry, and this is reflected in many awards she has received including the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award, the Style Awards Designer of the Year, and others.
  2. Francisco Costa.
    Any fans of Calvin Klein? Well, yes, we are going to talk about the man who gives creative life into one of the biggest fashion brands in the world. We are going to talk about Francisco Costa, who is the Creative Director of Calvin Klein. But, he is much more than that.
    Francisco Costa was born in Minas Gerais in Brazil in the year 1964. Born in a family which owned childrenwear factory, Francisco was exposed to the world of fashion right from the early days and much of the credit goes to his mother.  Upon the death of his mother, he moved to New York, and there started his journey to become one of the well-established fashion designers.
    Aside from occupying a vital position in Calvin Klein, Francisco has many achievements in his kitty. He was the winner of the Council of Fashion Designers America (CFDA) award in the category of Womenswear Designer of the year twice. He is also the recipient of Cooper-Hewitt National Fashion Design Award.
  3. Daniella Helayel.
    If anyone gets an opportunity to design the engagement dress for a Royal bride, then that person must be a great deal. Daniella Helayel is the woman who designed the famous engagement dress of Kate Middleton, which remains one of the best dresses Royals have ever worn.
    Daniella Helayel was born in Brazil, but she was not thought to be destined for a career in fashion. After all, she spent her many years in Rio de Janeiro studying law. She moved to New York sometime later in her life, and there she started her life as a budding fashion designer.
    Her works started getting recognition and eventually, she established her own label, Issa label, which went on to dress up many celebrities such as Madonna. However, her biggest achievement has been the blue engagement dress of Kate Middleton which started a trend for blue dresses all over the world.
  4. Monica Sordo.
    Another exceptionally talented and well-renowned Venezuelan fashion designer, Monica Sardo understood designing through her father who ran an industrial design workshop. This developed in her a strong sense of architectural appreciation which she embodies in her creations.
    She went to the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid and Jewelry Design at the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in New York, from where she went on to grab a work opportunity with Marie Claire Spain as an editor. She has never stopped since.
    Every creation of hers carries with itself architectural brilliance much of which is inspired by her traveling experiences. There is a lot of symbolism in her jewelry collection which is not easy to find everywhere. Such is the magnetism of her collection that it has been recognized by many top-notch fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper Bazaar.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Lifestyle - South American Designers That Have Made it Big
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