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Majestic cruise routes every CEO must take in their life

The life of a CEO is filled with daily pressures, deadlines and never-ending meetings that involve continuous brainstorming and planning. The regular routine which goes off like an eternity becomes quite taxing on the business leader’s mind. With a mountain of responsibilities on shoulders,  every CEO deserves a retreat in the form of a breathtaking cruise. Interestingly, our planet Earth has three-fourths of the area filled with water bodies and it is a huge relief for sea-lovers. There is no better way than traveling on a cruise to rejuvenate the mind, refresh the body and nourish the soul. For this reason, we bring you the list of majestic cruise routes which every CEO must take at least once in their lifetime:

  1. Danube River: With a long history and of course visual excellence, Danube flows through ten different countries in Europe. From its way starting with Germany’s Black Forest to the ethereal  Black Sea, Danube is full of exciting stories and a magical spell of the landscape. Get an overload of historic heritage during this iconic cruise trip and for the CEO who loves a bit of heritage in everything they do, Danube is an undisputed choice.
  2. The Mediterranean:  This relatively large secluded sea witnessed the birthplace of civilization and the first area to witness the watershed of different cultures. To get the best of travel experience in the midst of the sea- tour the Mediterranean via the cruise. Visit Barcelona, Monaco, Venice and Dubrovnik during the journey and dwell yourself in various hues of lifestyle.

  3. Baltic Sea: Despite being a less-visited destination in Europe, it becomes  a great reason to cruise in a secluded space. Being less in area as well and located in the northeastern side of the continent, several historic cities including Stockholm, Riga, Tallinn and Helinski are located on its shores.  Opt for Baltic Sea Cruise which takes you through St.Petersberg which is regarded as Russia’s capital for fine arts.
  4. Hawaii: For all those CEOs who need complete seclusion from the mind and physical exertion, Hawaii is the right place to be.  The world-famous archipelago located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is an exemplary destination of pristine sea waters, sand, and bright sun. Surprisingly, cruising along Hawaii can also give you surprises such as volcano excursions, the taste of local cuisine and dwelling in Polynesian Traditions or taking a relaxing walk at the famous Waikiki Beach.

  5. British Isles: Do you love the rich heritage of the British and the classy lifestyle of Englishmen? The world has been fascinated with the unique culture of Great Britain and loves to experience the grandeur of it at least once in their lives.  For that to happen in a conveniently relaxing way, book a cruise in the British Isles.  Offering a variety of landscapes including the Scottish Highlands, White Cliffs of Dover, iconic cities such as London, Liverpool, Glasgow, and Dublin- this belt also provides an overload of castles and museums that are worth to pay a visit.
  6. The Caribbean:  This huge region of islands and tropical bliss cannot be missed out in the list of best cruise routes to take.  Comprising of unique character, spirit, and culture, the Caribbean cruise route is divided into two major regions- the Western and Eastern. Get the best out of destinations such as Virgin Islands, Curacao, Bonaire, and St.Marten.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Travel - Majestic cruise routes every CEO must take in their life
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Mindy Wright

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