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Excellent B-Schools Which Offer a Powerful Leadership Degree

London Business School (LBS)

Leadership is one of the most important qualities for a businessperson to be successful. It commands teamwork, positivity and takes the company towards the path of growth. Fortunately, many reputed B-schools emphasize on the importance of leadership skills and are incorporating it into their MBA curriculum as well. Leadership skills are to be learned with a pragmatic approach instead of just confining to academic rules. We bring you the list of excellent B-Schools which offer a powerful leadership degree that enables the MBA aspirant to go to newer heights and perform par excellence:

  1. Ivey School of Business: The B-school understands the importance of leadership skills in the current scenario of the market where things change rapidly in the organizations. With such a vibrant and volatile environment where technology is also taking over, leadership skills are mandatory for every business executive. The MBA in this B-school focuses exactly on it and brings out the best in each student. The dynamic nature of leader is nurtured in the course who can not only become an exemplary individual but also inspire a team of people who can trust and move forward. Out of 125 Business Schools In The World for 2019, Ivey School of Business: ranked No. 125th.

  2. Harvard Business School: Regarded as the most prestigious B-school ever in the world, it wouldn’t be a surprise to know that Harvard pays great emphasis on leadership qualities.  Historically, the school has produced more CEOs serving for Fortune 500 companies than any other B-school in the world. With the world-renowned magazine Harvard Business Review, the university has top-class faculty that focuses on leadership qualities and how to reflect optimism in challenging environments. Harvard Business School ranked No. 3 in the CEOWORLD magazine’s ranking of the Business Schools In The World for 2019.

    Harvard Business School

  3. The Wharton School of Management: This reputed B-school also provides leadership development training at a military academy in Quantico, Virginia for all the students who are in additional need of skills. This optional program has proven to be quite useful for many management graduates to become successful leaders of renowned companies. The Wharton School of Management ranked No. 5 in the CEOWORLD magazine’s ranking of the Business Schools In The World for 2019.

    Wharton School - University of Pennsylvania

  4. Tuck School of Business: Interestingly, this B-school understands that every student has a different set of pros and cons to excel in the field of their choice. Perhaps that is the reason why they have designed custom made courses for each student and each of them can opt for a personalized leadership plan. Such tailor-made MBA courses have proven to be quite effective for passionate students who are on the lookout for an MBA which is more on the beneficial side. Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College ranked No. 27 in the CEOWORLD magazine’s ranking of the Business Schools In The World for 2019.

    Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College

  5. INSEAD: This popular B-school has a long-standing reputation for showing special emphasis on leadership and development. With extensive curriculum which focuses on both academic and practical excellence, INSEAD has two campuses, one in France and another in Singapore. The students get wide understanding of various cultures because of the international student intake being quite impressive here. INSEAD ranked No. 1 in the CEOWORLD magazine’s ranking of the Business Schools In The World for 2019.
    Program: INSEAD Executive Master in Change (EMC) a degree programme unlike any other. Spanning over 18 months and eight modules of three to four days, it takes you deep into the basic drivers of human behaviour and the hidden dynamics of organisations.

  6. London Business School: With amazing history and is located in the business capital of Europe, London Business School understands the importance of leadership qualities in every student. It also realizes the need to nurture every student individually into optimistic and display meaningful aggression when it comes to taking timely business decisions. London Business School ranked No. 8 in the CEOWORLD magazine’s ranking of the Business Schools In The World for 2019.
    Program: LBS Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy – The London Business School (LBS) Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy will equip senior global professionals with the power to lay the very best foundation for their future.
    Duration: 12 months
    Format: Full-time
    Working experience: 12-35 years
    Fees: $88,500

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