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Top 5 safety tips while camping in the mountains

Stress can prove to be so overwhelming at times that a getaway is the only option one could use to get stable. The perfect option to consider would be a camping trip to the mountains where rejuvenation echoes back to you when you throw away your stress at it. The essential thing to keep in mind is safety as everybody would want to plan their trip fool-proof, so they don’t suffer later.

Common advice you would hear is to carry a first aid kit and prepare a survival kit; it is even suggested as to what edibles should be packed so that you don’t end up starving on the mountains, completely stranded in the middle of nowhere with nothing useful. A sleeping bag, lighter, and compass are some of the basic things you should carry, but there are a few additional tips you should keep in mind while enjoying a slice of nature in the mountains.

The following are the top 5 safety tips while camping in the mountains, which would help you avoid a bag full of regrets.

  1. Go dry for going long
    While trekking in the mountains, due to higher altitude and low temperature, hypothermia can become a risk. To avoid a situation like this, it would be crucial to always keep your clothes dry and change them as soon as possible, if they get wet. A raincoat becomes necessary for shielding from the random rains of the mountains. Always keep yourself hydrated and full of nourishment so that your immune system doesn’t collapse and exposes itself to the risk of high-level medical conditions, if not hypothermia.
  2. Carry a bug spray or mosquito repellent
    You may find innumerable bugs while camping in the mountains, which makes it essential for you to make sure you are protected from them by carrying a mosquito repellent at all times. The species of insects that are found in forests and mountains are more prone to get attracted by you as they don’t see much of human target to feast upon.

  3. Play safe when playing with fire
    Lighting campfire is an essential thing to do on a trip; however, there has to be some mind applied so that you don’t end up creating a disaster. Learn to use the minimum resource when starting a fire, as this will benefit you throughout the trip. Don’t let the fire near low or dry trees which might catch fire. Always put the fire out when you go to sleep or you leave the place so that it doesn’t get haywire. Let others enjoy as much as you did when you came and find the place clean and suitable for a campfire.
  4. Don’t camp alongside water bodies
    Camping near water bodies could be fatal as they are prone to flooding overnight and might cause you to get stuck for a long time. Even the area around water bodies is damp which might get your items wet and expose you to the risk of medical conditions and insects. Also, avoid any area which is within a near radius of water bodies, as flooding can cause the animals to run from the area to a safe place. Make sure you’re at a safe distance. Water bodies also attract animals, so in case you don’t want to be disturbed by a thirsty bear, make sure to set up camp at a safe location.

  5. Spread your location
    While camping, the urge to explore is so much that it becomes a risk if you are not vigilant enough. If you go outside the group’s reach, make sure to let the others know how far you’re planning to roam, so that in case you need help, you have people coming at your rescue within a short amount of time and they’ll know where to look.

In today’s day and age, travelling has become integral to take a break from the intensive work schedule that everybody carries with them. Camping in the mountains can prove to be a great experience; however, we hope that you take care of the top 5 safety tips that are mentioned above!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Top 5 safety tips while camping in the mountains
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