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Airlines Offering The Best Business Class Seats

Over the past few years, innovation in the design of a business class seat has been introduced, making our travel more comfortable with each flight.
You might have observed a typical business class seat changing its structure from a recliner, to a flat seat and then flatbeds. A comfortable sleeping surface and the ability to get privacy with beautiful finishes make a business class seat worthy of what it is – luxury and snug ambiance.

Here are the top 7 business class seats, which we found amenable to your comfort while you fly. 

  1. Singapore Airline’s A380 business class.
    With few improvements over the last business class seats on this plane, the beautiful cabin and the spacious seats give you plenty of privacy. The central aisle can be converted into a double bed for couples, and the control functions are excellent.

  2. United Airlines Polaris.
    This is one of the few airlines with the concept of staggered seats. While some rows feature window seats, yet others are called the honeymoon seats, with the similarity of comfort and functional design on each of them. To be found on most United Boeing 777- 300 ER’s and few 777 – 200s.

  3. JetBlue Mint suite.
    Credit needs to be given here for being the first to introduce a door with a business class seat. This might sound a bit ironical, given that the aircraft is a narrow body low-cost carrier. The well-designed cabins, with doors, provides space for ample storage. Every other row features a Mint suite which is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Currently configured on Airbus A321 aircraft.

  4. Fly Business Class with Etihad Airways.
    Few improvements in the latest flights of the carrier include bringing the seats closer to the aisle and the window in alteration. You will have to admit that the finish of these seats is classic and spacious, with a functional design that makes them private and comfortable.

  5. Delta one suite.
    Although you will find a few flyer complaining about the rough edges of the seats, the functional comfort on this one is unbeatable. The storage design could have been better too, but only a few find any faults on that front given the privacy and comfort. Currently found on Delta A350 flights.

  6. Apex suite.
    What appears to be an average business class seat is actually built with a unique configuration that makes them superior in more than one ways. With personal space comes ample privacy, with the option to raise a partition for complete privacy. The apex suite is also known for ample foot space. Currently, the apex suite is found on Japan Airlines, Korean Air, Oman Air, and Gulf air flights.

  7. Qsuites by Qatar Airways.
    Touted to be one of the best business class seat in the world, the Qsuites in Qatar airways are great at everything from private space, to storage and comfort. Depending on your company, you can choose the seat of your choice, which gives you a level of customization and satisfaction. Presently featured on selective 777 ‘s and A350’s.

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