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5 Things To Do In Faroe Islands

One of the most incredibly picturesque wonders of nature is Faroe Islands. It is an archipelago, which is an autonomous country of the Kingdom of Denmark, with Tórshavn as its capital city. It is a place with a cool climate and rugged terrain and has so many things to offer to those who visit it.

Surprisingly, Faroe Islands do not very often make it to the top spots when it comes to international tourism, but gradually, it is leapfrogging to upper spots and will become an indisputable winner one day.

Anyone who wants to experience Nordic cultures should certainly regard Faroese’s as one of the top choices. You come to the Faroe Islands, and you will be assured a fantastic trip down the cultural, social and natural lanes which mark this beautiful region.

Just in case you want a head-start, I have a handful of suggestions to make regarding the Faroe Islands. You must do the following mentioned things to make sure that you get an absolute feel of the amazingness the Faroe Islands are.

  1. Mulafossur Waterfall (Vagar Island)
    Mulafossur Waterfall is an instant favorite for excellent photography and epic natural experience. In fact, one of the most clicked places in the Faroe Islands is none other than these waterfalls.
    Located on Vágar Island and below the Gásadalur village, you can watch the waterfall drop deep into the ocean and create a view to behold in your eyes forever. The waterfall is accompanied by lush green ground above it which expands itself into a large painting impossible to be ever drawn with human hands.

  2. Bøsdalafossur Waterfall
    How often have you heard of a waterfall created out of a lake? Bøsdalafossur Waterfall is an exemplar for such a waterfall. It flows from the Leitisvatn lake and falls into the gigantic Atlantic ocean.
    If you wish to get a wholesome view of the waterfalls, it is recommended that you hike along the Leitisvatn lake (which is also the largest lake in the region), by taking the route up to the Trælanípa cliffs.
    One of the most enchanting things about this place is the naturally occurring optical illusion which causes the viewer to think that the lake situated atop is at a higher elevation, but, in reality, the lake is only 80 ft above the ocean.
    Just go and see it for yourself the natural enigma those waterfalls are!

  3. Tjørnuvík
    While the name is a tongue twister, the place lets you immerse your mind and soul in its atmosphere without much complication. Tjørnuvík is a small village located in the Streymoy island, flanked by deep valleys and thriving in isolation.
    Any person wanting to experience serenity at its best cannot miss out on Tjørnuvík because it is quiet, beautiful and hospitable. Because of its naturally appealing setting, it became quite a popular tourist destination in no time. So, despite being located in an isolated location, you will be quite at home.

  4. Kallur Lighthouse (Kalsoy) Faroe Islands
    Why lighthouses in the Faroe Islands stand out? It is because they stand tall and high at locations which are absolutely breathtaking. You are guaranteed a rollercoaster ride to the scenic landscapes of Mother Nature which have only a few competitors.
    One lighthouse you should definitely visit is Kallur Lighthouse. Located atop Kalsoy Island, the lighthouse can be reached by hiking from the Trollanes village. The hike can be intimidating considering the steepness of the cliffs and narrowness of the walking path. However, you will not be disappointed once you reach the spot and get a nice, show-off worthy picture.
    It is advised that those who are afraid of heights should prepare themselves mentally before hiking all the way up to the lighthouse.

  5. Enniberg
    Cape Enniberg is one of the highest promontories in this whole wide world and is presently one of the most visited places in the Faroe Islands. What makes this place stand out is the abundance of aviary life here.
    Hiking to the cape is one of the most exciting, adrenaline rush-inducing experiences you will ever have. Moreover, you get the pretty natural surroundings as bonus. From atop the cape, you can see the big three islands of the archipelago, Kunoy, Kalsoy, and Bordoy (if the skies are clear).

You need to take note that the ascent is steep and rugged so you will require good physical strength and stamina to be able to hike all the way to the top.

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