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Top 7 College Fashion Hacks For Women

University Students

Every graduating woman understands the pain of having to dress differently to college every single day and they also understand the need to not go beyond a budget and yet achieve the chic look that will garner praises. But you don’t need to sweat it, girls! We are here for your fashion rescue as we bring to you the best hacks that will neither weigh down your pockets nor will they deprive you of your ‘chic of the day’ title.

  1. Don’t throw away your old jeans.
    As odd as it may sound, you can convert that old pair of jeans of yours into an amazing denim skirt which will help you steal the spotlight at any girl’s day out or a last-minute date. Converting your old pair into a skirt is not rocket science; all you have to do is cut the jeans up to the length you desire your skirt to be and rip open those seams and sew it back without a partition, and voila!, your chic denim skirt is ready to crown you as the queen of fashion!
  2. Grow your eyelashes using Vaseline and not extensions.
    Let’s admit, we all are jealous of the thick and voluminous eyelashes boys possess, but what if we tell you that you don’t need those extensions or mascara when your angel in disguise had always been present in that pretty little drawer of yours? A religious dab of Vaseline petroleum jelly every night on your eyelashes and you would be giving competition to the guy you have been secretly jealous of.
  3. Don’t drink up all of that Vodka as it may come handy.
    Ladies, try and save some Vodka from your party night as it will come in handy to clean your artificial jewellery. Just dip your toothbrush in vodka, instead of toothpaste, and run it on your jewellery and you will see, it gets rid of all the blemishes and tarring and turn it as good as new.
  4. That transparent nail paint is not just meant for nails.
    We all have dreaded that little hole that appears in our favourite stockings or pair of socks that threatens to destroy it all. Just one reap and the house of cards goes tumbling down! But don’t worry, girls, we have a hack that will save your day, and your stockings! Just dab the transparent nail paint around that nasty hole that has appeared in your stockings.  The nail paint will seal the ends and prevent the untimely death of your entire stockings.
  5. Freeze your shoes and not just your ice cream.
    The stink that surrounds the whole room after a long day of walking upsets not only you but the people that might be accompanying you at the moment. It just gets gross for everyone and nobody can do anything about it, other than you! Now here’s a bit of unorthodox advice – just freeze those troublesome pair of shoes in a bag of plastic overnight and it will help get rid of the stink from the shoes and everyone’s inconvenience.
  6. Maintain your boots with newspaper.
    Almost every girl possessing a pair of long boots goes through the problem of storing and maintaining them. While the boxes in which they were bought never gets thrown out, they might get disfigured after being kept in the closet for almost an entire season. Don’t fret, ladies, you can solve the problem with your old newspapers! Just stuff those boots with crushed newspaper, and also surround them with the same, and they will stay as new as ever.
  7. Get rid of blisters in a blow.
    The problem with wearing new shoes is the terrible blisters which accompany them. But we have a solution that will help you get rid of them in the most facile way. The blow dryer which you so keenly use every morning for your hair can help dodge those blisters as well! All you need to do is blow dry those heels or shoes and you’re good to go.


So, ladies, it is time to emerge on top of the fashion game and become the diva of your college because…we got your back! Now make every head turn as you slay every party with your fresh and amazing dapper look.

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