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Best Colleges To Study Architecture In Los Angeles

Out of many colleges in Los Angeles, several offer the course of Architecture. But there are a few colleges that surpass the standard of study as well as projects and exposure. Some of those top colleges that offer the course of Architecture in Los Angeles are given below. Making the right choice is always necessary, but making that choice with maximum possible information to ensure the word ‘right’ fits in is equally required. From the list below, you can shortlist your options and make an informed decision for your life.

  1. University of Southern California
    A large private research institution, the University of Southern California is a private sector university offering 2 Architecture Degree programs (bachelors and masters). It is a single unit composed of 21 prestigious institutions promoting differing domains as their specialties. USC School of architecture is one such unit of USC that has been recorded with 100% placement record, A- review level grade, live projects and real-life exposure to Expert domains. 
  2. University of California-Los Angeles
    Ranked #2 in the US, University of California-Los Angeles is a renowned academic institution. A leading and large public university, UCLA has achieved various Nobel Laureates, Macarthur Fellows, NCAA Titles, Olympic Medals and had numerous institutions set up. UCLA Architecture and Urban Design aim at creating not just architects or designers but also thought builders and creative thinkers in the form of leaders, scholars, artists, and educators. Real industrial work and projects under the guidance of live field experts is a bonus for high aspirers. 
  3. California State Polytechnic University- Pomona
    A large public university, Cal Poly University drives excellence through passion and work ethics. It believes in relentless drive arising from within to attain the maximum possible heights through exposure. Its Department of Architecture follows the path of practice more than theory to achieve the goals and do justice to their professional projects. Cal Poly ARCH believes in keeping the thread of a relationship with the industry going strong through a relentless stream of talent flowing every year for valuable contributions to the world.  
  4. Southern California Institute of Architecture
    A standalone institute based on Architectural study SCI-ARC ensures a dedicated outcome of refined architects with a focus on innovation. Located in the Arts District of Los Angeles, it enables students to grasp the ideas form surroundings and create a unique masterpiece for the world. Their contribution to the society can be seen through the various Alumni who have entered into the professional fields entirely at ease with their aims and spearheading towards success at an exponential rate. Here, limits are tested time and time again to ensure 100% readiness in all real-life situations. 
  5. Woodbury University
    A high-level education institution, Woodbury believes in bringing real-life projects into the architecture studio for students to begin learning while working in a professional background. A non-profit institution, it is dedicated towards students’ unmatched experience as well as top-tier industrial connections. Students stepping out of Woodbury have always been a pillar of success in their professional lives in some of the other fields and have also built famous architectural buildings to date. Woodbury set up in 3 locations Los Angeles-Burbank, San Diego and Hollywood.

 When looking for the best Architectural School in Los Angeles, one of the above five universities could be the best choice. The future promised by these is quite impressive and looking at the various reviews and rankings across the span of Alumni and relatives, selecting one of these would be the best choice for your professional career if you are aiming to ace the Architectural Spectrum.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Best Colleges To Study Architecture In Los Angeles
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