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The 4 Most Unique Hotels For The CEOs To Stay In Europe

Europe is not only the hottest destination for traveling and leisure, but also for bustling business happening on a global scenario.

With its cultural versatility, excellent business opportunities and much international audience gracing the destination every now and then, Europe has turned out to be the greatest destination for CEOs to travel and make their deals click.

Whether it is for a work-trip or a leisure hideout, Europe offers some of the fantastic luxury hotels for CEOs to stay and have a lifetime experience. With an attractive number of hotels arriving by, each of them has its own aura and vibe for sure.

We bring you the list of the 4 most unique hotels which are stylish, welcoming and also appealing:

  1. Stamba Hotel, Tbilisi, Georgia
    14 M. Kostava St. Tbilisi 0108 Georgia
    Tel: +995 32 2021199
    Made from a Soviet-Era printing house, the hotel protects ancient heritage along with all modern amenities. The rooms here are utmost spacious with a vintage vibe throughout the place. With floor-to-ceiling shelves of antique books, collection of tropical plants, breathtaking architecture are some of the biggest assets of this luxury hotel. Sink into one of those wooden lined moon-chairs which would pamper your senses like any other comfort –ever. For drinks and happening nightlife, visit the Pink Bar which presents locally brewed spirits namely Sarjishvli brandy.
  2. Can Bordoy Grand House and Garden, Mallorca, Spain
    Carrer del Forn de la Glòria, 14, 07012 Palma, Illes Balears, Spain
    Tel: +34 871 871 202
    This hotel is relatively hidden compared to other popular hotels in the region. There are no signposts or aggressive marketing associated with this luxury hotel. It was once owned by a private family which has transformed into a majestic hotel for the top-class individuals. The architects who worked on this building made sure that the originality is retained along with providing the guest with a contemporary comfortable experience. The basement spa and rooftop sundeck offer 360-degree views and a glass-bottom plunge pool are thoroughly delightful.
  3. Casa Iris, Orbetello, Italy
    Corso Italia, 3, 58015 Orbetello GR, Italy
    Located in the shiny beaches of Italy backed by the rolling olive-and-wine country, Orbetello is a beautiful town with amazing Spanish feel and situated at a coastal lagoon. Casa Iris is a fantastic luxury hotel located here which is chic and comfortable to stay. The furniture here is inspired by the elitism of the 70s with handpicked pieces from the various parts of Italy. Casa Iris also offers a three-bedroom apartment facility which is equipped with a powder-blue kitchen with breakfast served along with homemade jams from the garden of Valeri family’s house- who are the designers of this hotel.
  4. Le Barn, Bonnelles, France
    Le Moulin de Brétigny, 78830 Bonnelles, France
    Tel: +33 1 86 38 00 00
    The Parisians might look too urban and chic when looked from outer the surface but they also believe in slow living. This formerly horse riding academy turned into a nature camp and located 34 miles southwest of Paris.  Le Bern blends the urbane contemporary look with the laid back countryside in impressive style. Try out the Nordic baths which are so exclusive to France.  Le Barn has become an ideal retreat for Parisians to rejuvenate the urban hustle-bustle in a convincing fashion.

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Dr. Amarendra Bhushan Dhiraj
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