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6 Types Of Bags Every Woman Should Own

A bag is a woman’s best friend. It is easy to carry and is fashionable, making it one of the most useful creations of mankind. As time progressed, many different varieties of bags have emerged and this gives us, women, enough options to choose from and style our outfits with.

But, as I said, there are many such varieties, and the task of choosing the right bags for oneself can turn out to be quite a work. Every woman has a taste of her own, and so we need to figure out a set of bags which every woman, regardless of her taste, should own.

To help you with those bags, I am here with a short piece on which bags you must certainly consider buying. The list mentioned and discussed below talks about 6 bags which have a universal appeal and are considered to be must-haves in the fashion industry.

So, without further ado, let us find out what you need to glam up that look of yours!

  1. A Simple Clutch
    If you thought clutch bags only go with fancy outwear, then you could not be more wrong. Hit the market and you will come across another variant of clutch bags which are simple and casual. These clutch bags are easy to carry and go absolutely wonderfully with most of the casual wear.
    A clutch bag is perfect when you have only a few things to carry around!
  1. A Duffle bag
    Duffle bags, also called Weekender bags, are really handy for occasions when the time to be spent is long and you have a lot of stuff to carry. These bags are designed to get you comfortable on your long outings or sleepovers. You can simply stuff all the necessaries in that one bag, without needing a trolley bag to drag around, and you are done.
    One of the best things about duffle bags is that they come in amazing styles which will not bore you or ruin your look.
  1. A Cloth Bag
    Cloth Bags are my personal favorites. For me, a cloth bag is your everyday bag. It is bigger than most bags, but not too big, and can be conveniently carried around on your shoulders. Plus, they come with really amazing designs. I remember mine bearing a bunch of cartoon kittens, and I was so proud of that.
    But, there is more to them than their prints. Cloth bags are usually lightweight so you would hardly notice them or find them inconvenient.
  1. Backpack
    I do not think that I really need to explain why you need a backpack. Today, we can purchase stylish, really cool backpacks which do not take up too much space on our back and are very easy to carry around. They can very easily make you look smarter and cooler.
    Backpacks are necessary when you are going on a short trip or when you do not want to carry along your stuff on one shoulder. So, you must get a good, handsome backpack.
  1. Sling bag
    I remember the time when sling bags became a rage in my city. Wherever I went, I could see girls and women carry those mini bags with long, flexible straps attached to them everywhere. Sling bags are still popular, and I believe that they will remain trendy in the future too.
    Sling bags go very well for outings which are short or which require you to carry very few items such as cash and mobile phone. Plus, sling bags make a good companion to your casual or semi-casual look. They do not take much space, and yet remain conspicuous in an appealing manner.
  1. Top-Handle Bags
    I am talking about the timeless top-handle bags which are best for working women, but they also go well on a festive or party occasion. These bags are small-sized, though usually bigger than sling bags, and have a small handle atop of them.

The most important element of these bags is that they give you a mature and sophisticated appearance. So, if you wear a nice formal or semi-formal outfit, you will only accentuate the impact which the bag is already creating on and around you.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Lifestyle - 6 Types Of Bags Every Woman Should Own
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