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5 Myths About The Fashion Industry You Need To Stop Believing

When it comes to misconceptions, the fashion industry has quite many of them. Today, fashion industry is a mammoth industry which defines everything we wear. Because of its universal character and a rather flashy image, myths have emerged many of which make no sense at all.

The problem with myths is that they tend to undermine the truth and create an environment of suspicion or misinformed dealings. The fashion industry is a victim of myths because it is right in front of our eyes and when so many people talk about it in a certain way we tend to believe in it without conducting our own inquiry first.

Clearly, the aim of this short article is to burst the giant bubble of myths which affect the fashion industry. I have compiled 5 such myths which are most commonly held among the public. So, here we go!

  1. Higher the Price, Better the Quality
    Many of us love purchasing brands because they look cool and are said to be of great quality. Well, yes and no.
    Brands certainly have a distinct place for themselves because they have reputation and goodwill to maintain. But, this does not mean they are always 100 percent top quality. What is more, many people believe that the pricier the brand the better the quality we get.
    You need to understand that you are a consumer and you are also responsible do to quality checks as much as you can. Do not simply purchase an item just because it comes from a huge brand and with a big price tag. You may find something exactly like what you are looking for from another brand and at a cheaper price. Whatever decision you take, do quality checks which a consumer is expected to engage in.
  1. It is Just for female designers and models
    When someone says ‘fashion industry’, it is quite likely that you imagine a fashion show with models on the ramp. I bet those models are female if you so imagined.
    It is true that many believe that fashion industry is essentially for women models and designers, While I agree that there are more female designers and models in the industry than male designers and models, but this does not make the industry unsuitable for the latter.
    Today, many well-established designers are male; this is also the case with male models. You need to open your mind to acknowledge their existence, otherwise this myth will swallow up your reason.
  1. All male Designers are gay or trans
    This is one of the most ridiculous myths I have come across when it comes to the fashion industry. Honestly, gay or not, trans or not, those designers are talented individuals. They are there not because they belong to a certain category of sexual orientation, but because they worked hard to be there.
    Fashion industry embraces people of all kinds. You can, therefore, easily find a straight, bisexual, gay or lesbian, or transgender fashion designer because there is openness in this industry.
    So, let me state this clearly: not all male designers are gay; and even if they are, that is none of your business.
  1. The fashion industry is Just about Bizarre Fashion Sense
    I wouldn’t lie by saying that I always understood the fashion sense of the many fashion designers out there, especially when they showcased their designs on the ramp. But, I would not call their fashion sense ‘bizarre’. It is rather unique and always representative of some idea.
    A friend of mine who is now a fashion designer tells me that designs are what the designer’s perception is about life and people. Designers often come up with nearly inexplicable designs, but those designs always have a purpose to serve. Yes, sometimes designers do go overboard with their creativity, but that does not happen without any context.
  1. Not a wise choice of career
    In many countries where conventional career options such as engineering or medicine are popular, fashion designing is often looked down upon. You would often hear stories of parents and relatives discouraging people about taking up fashion designing as a career option.
    The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. There are many reputed schools and work opportunities which can give you money and comfort—two things many people look out for in a career choice. Studying fashion designing and becoming a designer, however, requires a lot of efforts just like in any other discipline.

So the bottom line is fashion designing makes up for a wonderful choice.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - 5 Myths About The Fashion Industry You Need To Stop Believing
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