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Rich Fabrics That Make You Look Like A Celebrity

Wearing a dress and hoping to make a style statement with it might not be enough to look outstanding. Sometimes, you need to go that extra notch to hit the onlooker’s surprise and grab their attention. Are you in the mood to flaunt some dress and present your opulent side with it? Let us tell you about luxurious fabrics that you can drop over your silhouette and walk down like a celebrity!

Ditch the usual wardrobe this season because you will find out the best fabrics which can take their place and make you a shining star just like the tinsel town!

  1. Velvets
    If you have seen the sheen on a velvet outfit, you might already picture why celebrities often choose this fabric to adorn on their unique costumes. One of the gorgeous choices for an evening event, the luxurious shine, depth and drama that a velvet outfit can emanate, might make you fall in love with your self when you dress in one! Velvet can be customized for different styles of drape, shimmering elegance and durability that you will find very hard to find in another fabric.
  2. Chiffon
    This is one fabric available in several versions, making it a vibrant choice. Your outfit in chiffon could be constructed out of silk, rayon, cotton and even synthetic fibers, which means that there is a lot of diversity that you can choose from. Some features of chiffon which make it the fabric of all seasons is its plain weave, softness and supple texture, construction from loose yarns, tautness, and excellent transparency. As against the common notion, you can even build a formal outfit out of this fabric.
  3. Georgette
    Georgette has evolved in more than one way since it used to be made conventionally out of silk, but today even synthetic yarn goes into the making of the fabric. The crinkly and crepe texture of the material meets flowy drapes that make this fabric rather preferred among celebrities when it comes to styling their event outfits. When it comes to a choice of gowns, this fabric always takes the front stand with celebrities. Georgette is readily amenable to embroidery work, which adds an opulent essence to the dress.
  4. Crepe
    Another fabric with creased and wrinkled texture, lightweight construction and flexible stretch for a graceful drape, the crepe is a woven and flowing fabric that is often chosen for formal wear among celebrities. The pebbles structure of the fabric gives it a preference among designers who love to work with the cloth perfect for creating a drape.
  5. Satin
    Perhaps, it is not difficult to see why satin finds a place of preference among designers and celebrities. The sleek and glossy finish of the fabric, combined with the lustrous weaves that it can be formed into, makes it amenable to creating flowing outfits, which go down very well with your audience. The light-reflecting property of the fabric makes it a favorite among celebrities.
  6. Organza
    This fine and crisp fabric is perfect for creating ethereal outfits, which can be customized for a stiff and transparent and lightweight sheen that makes a very impactful impression upon the onlookers. From formal outfits to evening gowns, organza is perfect for tailoring of every type.

Apart from these, silk for its fine texture and smooth finish can be worn in skirts, dresses, and scarves.
Now that you know about the fabrics which will make you flaunt your dresses like a celebrity, why don’t you dial up your tailor and get some of them ready for the next big event! You can even take inspiration from celebrity outfits from the internet and build an impressive trousseau for yourself.

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